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Volunteer June Fertiz, 15, helps move nets filled with thousands of red, white and blue balloons before they are lifted into the ceiling of the Quicken Loans Arena July 15, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Because other than the election on November 8, this is the biggest political event of the year.

By Nick Fouriezos

It’s all come down to this. For over a year, pundits speculated, candidates squabbled, insiders schemed. But nothing could derail the Donald Trump train. Joined by his new sidekick, veep hopeful Mike Pence, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee rolls into Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, which starts on Monday. What fireworks will he and his political posse set off next?

Whatever happens, OZY will be there every step of the way, giving you a fresh, forward-looking perspective, with coverage on the convention coming via Facebook Live and the Presidential Daily Brief — starting with tomorrow’s special curation by GOP kingmaker Karl Rove. Already, our team has introduced you to the Republicans who are shaping the party, from a small-town mayor embracing environmentalism to the next Paul Ryan, who has challenged Trump’s reign. Enjoy revisiting some of our other profiles and stories today.

Over the next week we’ll also look at the ladies in red who are literally rewriting the Republican Party’s platform, and at the millennial digital guru who’s behind the RNC’s curtain. Expect plenty of twists and turns — which is exactly how we like it. Stay tuned.

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