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The director survived childhood trauma and the AIDS crisis to conquer both independent and mainstream Hollywood. 

By OZY Editors

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Growing up in the rough neighborhoods of West Philadelphia, Lee Daniels always knew he was different from other kids. Despite losing his father at a young age and witnessing violence almost daily, Daniels believed he would to do something big. 

And he was right. Today, Daniel’s is one of Hollywood’s leading writers, producers and directors. With Academy Award-winning films like “Monster’s Ball” and “Precious,” and critical darlings like “The Butler,” Daniels has managed to conquer both the independent and mainstream sides of Hollywood.

How did this gay Black man shatter stereotypes in the entertainment industry and overcome a traumatic upbringing to build a distinguished career? Not only has he found success — he’s created a cultural phenomenon. 

“When I came to Hollywood, I was homeless, and then AIDS hit,” Daniels says. “My lovers were dying around me.” But that’s what makes Daniels such an authentic storyteller — the people he creates on screen are real. “As a director, I use those experiences,” he says.    


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