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Best of OZY — Videos

Best of OZY — Videos

By OZY Editors


Because sometimes video speaks louder than words.  Here are six our best from the past six months. 

By OZY Editors

The Joy of Cooking — With Samin

Samin Nosrat is not just another cook. If you don’t trust us, trust Michael Pollan, who told OZY’s Rachel Levin that Nosrat’s first cookbook, to be published next spring, will ”fill a gap in the literature… Lots of cookbooks tell you what to do, but very few explain why.” Samin is not a restaurant celebrity, as is all the rage these days, but a true home chef, whose aim is to really teach you — yes, even you, and, for that matter, me — how to cook.  “Once you understand the four basic principles of salt, fat, acid, and heat,” she promises, “you’re no longer a slave to step-by-step recipes.” Samin’s 50 recipes will be mixed with musings, science and personal stories — and, best of all, only call for ingredients you already have on hand. No buttermilk? Try milk squeezed with lemon instead. No need to buy pecorino and Parmesan; Samin would never ask you to do something so… annoying.

This week, OZY is celebrating our six-month anniversary with six roundups of our best stories. Today we have six videos that deserve a second look.  

Tereré: Paraguay’s Social Tea

Many people have heard of maté, a tea made with hot water and yerba maté leaves, commonly found in Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brazil. Coffee shops across the United States are beginning to offer yerba maté tea bags as it grows in popularity. However, in the small, landlocked country of Paraguay, where temperatures average 95 degrees in the summer and often rise up to 110, tereré reigns supreme as the nation’s drink of choice.

The Story of Anthony Hamilton: I Said I Would Learn to Read, and I Learned to Read

OZY CEO Carlos Watson had his heart set on telling the story of Anthony Hamilton. But he had to convince his own editorial team that this story of a poor black guy who makes it was worth it . And here’s why: This guy is gargantuan. It’s the story of a man who learned to read in his 20s and then went on to write a number of books. It’s the story of a man who was helped by others, and now does the same thing himself. It’s the story of someone who wouldn’t give up. It’s the story of the American Dream, and Carlos wants everyone to know about it.

Tango Everlasting

Watch the transfixing art of tango as performed by USA Argentine Tango Stage Champions and Buenos Aires transplants Gustavo and Jesica Hornos. The dance is all at once both improvised and so perfect that it seems planned. ”I fully believe in the spiritual, psychological and physical ability of tango to actually heal,” says Gustavo, done with the dance and looking decidedly unrumpled and well-composed. The sentiment would be bold enough coming from a dancer, but coming from Gustavo, who practiced as a clinically trained psychologist in an earlier incarnation, it seems pretty plausible.

Russia, Crimea + ’Doing Something’

OZY Deputy Editor Eugene S. Robinson is a champion MMA fighter, rockstar and star of his own show on OZY, Eugene’s Desk Rants. But rambly they are not. In this, one of our favorite episodes, Eugene gets serious about Crimea and says what plenty have been thinking – only with so much more eloquence. Both Democrats and Republicans are grumbling over Russia’s snatch of Crimea with a terribly similar tone and tenor. The general question is: “Why doesn’t Obama do something about this?” The magically vague something leaves interpretation so open that it seems like it most often means “something that I want.” But what the statement amounts to, more cynically considered, is little more than a political posture that has the appearance of action.

Bugs: They’re What’s for Dinner

Monica Martinez cares a lot about where her food comes from. So much that she’s considered raising her own cow before. But she settled on just opening Don Bugito, a food stand whose bestsellers include smoky-flavored wax moth larvae tacos and caramelized mealworms sprinkled over vanilla ice cream. Many who sample the worms are surprised to find that “they taste very nutty, and they’re really crispy,” Martinez laughed.  With eateries like Don Bugito cropping up across the country, some insect-eating enthusiasts believe bugs could begin appearing regularly on Western menus and supermarket shelves in as little as five years. In fact, a report released by the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) last May suggests that Westerners may have no choice but to stomach the critters.

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