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Bankrolling Your Life: Creative Investment Ideas

Bankrolling Your Life: Creative Investment Ideas

By OZY Editors



Because to get what you want, you need to find inventive ways to get others on board. Here are three wildly different paths.

By OZY Editors

Crowdsource Your Fertility

Single ladies, it’s about time for a better-funded way to guarantee those eggs. Doesn’t matter whether you know you want kids or not: You may want the option. After all, your ex-boyfriend Alex, the one who hemmed and hawed over that ring, will have the option to have biological children at least into his 50s and probably well beyond. So will most of the guys you date. (Thanks, biology! Ever heard of the 14th Amendment?)

It’s eminently unfair, and even if freezing your eggs is just a panacea, it would go some way toward remedying the psychological injustice of it all. But it costs $13,000 to $20,000 to pump you full of hormones and then extract your genetic material — a thick wad of cash that might feel humiliating to part with, even if you have it handy. (We’re not even talking about the costs of storage and thawing.) So, should we think about sisterhood in a new way and band together? It might just take half a dozen of us. Read the story here.

Get a Sponsor for Your Commute

The average commuter in large, congested cities like Los Angeles and New York spends the equivalent of 2.5 days stuck in traffic each year — and it’s even worse in other parts of the world. That’s a lot of time staring at the bumper in front of you. By placing advertisements on car bumpers, companies and brand managers not only gain access to prime, undeveloped ad space, but they also grow brand loyalty by providing thousands of drivers with a sponsored commute.

Whether it’s for gas money or a portion of your next car payment, wouldn’t you consider renting out your bumper? As Mark Twain once said, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” If advertisers can figure out how to rent some real estate on your rear bumper, that small thing might just turn out to be your wallet. Read the story here.

Invest to Accelerate Immigration

Wealthy immigrants could be funding the next U.S. sports arenas. Sports owners, developers and regional politicians are increasingly keen to use so-called EB-5 financing to help fund stadium and arena construction projects across the country. Created as part of the Immigration Act of 1990, the program encourages foreign nationals to invest in U.S. construction projects in exchange for an accelerated immigration process. A cash commitment to a development that creates U.S. jobs provides the investor, spouse and their children under 21 with conditional green cards — that become permanent if the jobs are still there after two years.

However, the program has its critics, with some calling it a visas-for-sale scheme. Developers are pushing the U.S. government to increase the yearly quota of EB-5 visas, and they have the rarest of Washington commodities: broad bipartisan support. So even the critics expect the program to gain in popularity. Read the story here.

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