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Because OZY’s founder Carlos is answering all of your questions — and nothing is off the table.

By OZY Editors

Attention, OZY readers: This is your chance to ask OZY’s founder, Carlos Watson, anything … and we mean anything.

Watson will be participating in an AMA — Ask Me Anything — on Reddit. Get your questions ready and join us at 1 p.m. EDT Thursday on Reddit. 

Here are a few key things you should know about Watson before then:

Above all else, Carlos Watson is curious. That trait naturally led him to a career in journalism, from writing for the Miami Herald and the Detroit Free Press while in college to later stints on television as a political commentator on CNN and news anchor on MSNBC.

…a favorite dish that hungry readers would reach for every day, not just to catch up on current events, but to learn about the new and the next.

Watson’s fire of curiosity was sparked early on, in Miami, by a mother who had lived and taught on three continents and a father whose love of news, especially politics and sports, was contagious. Despite this love of learning, Carlos had problems at school, leading his teachers to label him disruptive and learning disabled, and even resulting in his eviction from one kindergarten. “My mom always jokes,” he says, “that anyone who’d seen my first 10 years wouldn’t believe my last 10 years.”

But even with the troubles at school, the occasional need for food stamps and a car accident at age 11 that almost rendered him unable to walk, Watson persevered. He went on to earn degrees from Harvard and Stanford Law School; launch an entrepreneurial career focused on media, politics and education; and use those two legs to win some money on the dance floor and play pickup basketball games all over the world.

Watson has now turned his attention and enthusiasm to the world of media — a place he is well-acquainted with, and one whose venues and playmakers he has explored since he first sat down as boy to watch the local news with his dad. His relentless research, interviews and experiences all point to something missing.

For Watson, what’s missing — despite a flood of online news and information — is a favorite dish that hungry readers would reach for every day, not just to catch up on current events, but to learn about the new and the next, and, most importantly, to translate that knowledge into energy and action. And so he created OZY.

Have more questions? Watson will answer them at 1 p.m. EDT Thursday!


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