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As Heard on NPR

As Heard on NPR

By OZY Editors

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If you caught us on the radio and checked in because you want to know more, we got you.

By OZY Editors

OZY co-founder Carlos Watson joined Arun Rath on NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered to share some of our favorite stories of the week.

Are you of an age to remember the classic ad where one guy’s walking and carrying a jar of peanut butter and another guy’s walking and holding a chocolate bar, when they slam into each other and voilà! A delightful new candy is born! Now imagine the same thing, only with country music slamming into rap – and you’ve got Big Smo. That’s a performance you need to see.Some people just refuse to quit, and one such someone is MMA fighter Joe Kavey. With 24 losses on his record, you’d think the man would be considering a career switch, but that’s simply not Joe’s style: ”I have promised myself I will never lose again. I don’t doubt myself. I am going to be the man I dreamed about being.” That’s the kind of bold confidence we heartily endorse.

 Most of us can agree that the U.S. public school system is failing – what we can’t agree on is how to fix it. Roland Fryer, a native Texan and former wayward youth who won a MacArthur “genius grant” in 2011, has a radical plan to transform low-performing schools into top-performers in just 24 months. His five-step plan just might work.

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