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By OZY Editors

We’re on a bit of a badass streak this week on NPR. We’ve got a throaty singer Courtney Love predicts will be “huge,” Harley-Davidson motorcycles roaring around Vietnam and a new blog that pokes fun at Gen Y.

Rising Star Alexandra McDermott

Talk about a rising star. We’ve been tracking Alexandra McDermott for a while, but at one point it seemed like nothing much was happening. She hadn’t posted to her Facebook page in months, and there were no mentions of any appearances we could find. It turns out she has just been incredibly busy. This 18-year-old singer who is being compared to Amy Winehouse graduated from high school in Portland in June, moved to Los Angeles and then immediately took off for London, where she worked with songwriters who have crafted material for Adele and Florence and the Machine. And just this week, she signed a deal with Columbia Records.


Ho Chi Minh Hogs

Not that long ago, Vietnam was at war with America. Now it appears to be in love, at least with one of the more potent symbols of American steel, industrial might and commercial rebellion — the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Amidst new buildings and other signs of economic investment in what used to be called Saigon, Harleys are roaring through the streets at occasional weekend road rallies, yet another sign of Vietnam’s growing middle class.

Poking Fun 

Sometimes the best way to make a complex idea click is with a really basic drawing, a super-simple pie chart or a stack of candies sized up against Earth. Or if you really want to get attention, poke fun at Gen Y. That’s what the heretofore secret whizzes at Wait But Why did recently with ”Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy,” a hilarious and spot-on infographic about why a certain demographic group thinks it’s so special. OZY talked to 31-year-old co-founder and sarcastic genius Tim Urban, whose guiding vision is ”I just need to be weird and maybe 1 percent of people will get it.” 

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