As Heard on NPR

As Heard on NPR

By OZY Editors

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It’s a new media triple threat: a video artist who charmingly chronicles Uruguayan daily life, a comedian making the most of Vine’s 6 seconds, and a Facebook phenom who f*cking loves science.

By OZY Editors

OZY is hitting the airwaves and the Twitterverse! After some much appreciated tweets from Al Gore and Jack Dorsey early in the week, it was a treat to see MC Hammer also sending out some OZY love to his followers. Like us, he’s excited by the work of one Trombone Shorty. Thanks, Hammer!

Now, if you caught OZY co-founder Carlos Watson on the radio with Arun Rath on NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered, maybe you’ve come looking for more about some of our featured stories. Please, dig in.

The Video Artist – Many of us feel jaded about the state of the news industry, but Uruguayan videographer Agustín Ferrando upends the very idea of news in his weekly Web show, Tiranos Temblad, bringing elements of wonder, innocence and spontaneity to his chronicle of life in “the best country.” For Ferrando, minuscule moments of daily life are news, and when he strings them together in his oddly soothing, gently amusing weekly videos, you can’t help but be convinced.

The Comedian – Have you heard the one about the comedian who only told 6-second jokes? No? Then you better head over to Will Sasso’s Vine channel, and plan to hang around far longer than 6 seconds. The actor and MadTV veteran has turned us into fans with his deliciously silly Schwarzenegger impression, heard but never seen from behind the wheel of a car, stogie in hand. 

The Science Fan – One day not long ago, Elise Andrew started collecting cool science stories she’d read and posting them on a Facebook page, “in a fit of boredom.” Within 24 hours the page had 1,000 likes; today it has over 7 million. Who knew that so many people, like Andrew, f*cking love science? Her vast collection of cartoons, news snippets, photos and other tidbits all work to make science fun and humorous – learning a little something is just a bonus. Read more about this reluctant celebrity and how some fans reacted when they learned that (gasp!) a woman ran the site.

Check back in for more stories that let you see more and be more, here on OZY and each Saturday on your NPR station.

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