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Where My Job At?


Because this is the stuff no handout from a career adviser will tell you.

By OZY Editors

Surprise Hotbed of Next-Gen CEOs

Turns out, the career path no one took seriously could be the next greased pathway to the corner office. There’s plenty of legend lining the pathway to the top of a given field. From “getting your start in the mailroom” (when does that happen?) to cutting your teeth as an intern, we hold tight to a set of watercooler just-so stories. But here’s a new one, not often heard of: Is it possible that the new career mega-launchpad isn’t, in fact, banking, consulting or even the startup world, but publicity and communications? Thanks in part to the new professional mantra of transferable skills, PR might just be the next big job launchpad. Read more here.

The Hottest Job Around

It’s one of the great ironies of our time that even as America’s economic recovery pokes along and job growth remains anemic, the tech industry is exploding, minting new millionaires, it seems, every week. That’s gotten plenty of people in the business world warning of another bubble, and it’s certainly a risk again today. But in the meantime, it’s boom time, especially if you happen to be a software engineer. People are taking 12-week-long, boot-camp-style coding courses and getting snapped up by tech companies left and right. Time for a career switch? Read on.


Your Next Sales Job, Thanks to eBay

Selling your old jeans on eBay may be the best job prep you ever do. Think day-trading: Selling your stuff successfully online might be a brilliant place to get good at it — or at least to find out whether you’ve got the knack. Which means eBay’s marketplace of sellers could be a rich talent pool for recruiters — or any smart entrepreneur — to consider hiring from, or to look for inspiration. And here you thought you were just wasting time, hanging out in your sweats and trading treasures. You were actually pumping up your résumé. Get the full story. 


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