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A Front-Line Struggle: Getting Reluctant Voters to Vote

A Front-Line Struggle: Getting Reluctant Voters to Vote

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because your vote actually does count.

By Eugene S. Robinson

They won’t do it. They can’t be bothered to do it. You can’t make them do it.

Whether you favor President Donald Trump or Joe Biden, no one has missed the urgency of the message in 2020: Vote! And still, there are the hard cases who are willing to say no when everyone else is saying, “OK, OK.”

That’s the bad news. The good news is that, given the record-breaking early turnout ahead of Election Day, a number of you were unwilling to accept no for an answer and successfully convinced people you care about to participate. But how, what, when, where?

We’ll let the successful ones share their strategies and stories.

He holds grudges in a big way and is very stubborn.

Tavia Palmer, on her fiancé

Not Since John F. Kennedy

My mother hasn’t voted since JFK was shot. She was working for a bank in the village of Park Forest, and my brother and I were both in grade school when it happened. She kept saying she was bad luck.

Finally, this year I persuaded her to vote using a mail-in ballot. I ordered her ballot. It came before mine did. I helped her fill it out and then we both went to our early-voting site at the Village Hall. We are first-time mail-in ballot voters.

We both voted for Biden and [Kamala] Harris, and I was proud to see my mom finally vote again. — Kimberly Kahl, Illinois

New York Begins Early Voting

People vote at Lincoln Center during early voting for the U.S. Presidential election in New York City.

Source Stephanie Keith/Getty

Make Mine MAGA

I have gotten many friends registered to vote, the hardest one being my fiancé, who has never taken an interest in politics prior to this year. Yes, this is his first time ever voting. I had to really work on him because he was very upset at the system in general for denying his unemployment. He holds grudges in a big way and is very stubborn.

I begged him to vote for Trump for my children and my grandbabies’ futures and he chose to do that. This is my son’s third time voting. He is 26. All of my friends and my fiancé, myself and my son are voting for Trump! Trump will win!

Biden is nothing but a pawn being used by the Democratic Party to regain power for the elite. They are liars and they can not be trusted. Anyone paying any attention to the news about Hunter Biden … doing business with China and other countries during Biden’s vice presidential time in the White House, anyone even thinking about voting for Biden should take a closer look at the facts. — Tavia Palmer, Texas

Does It Really Matter?

I was talking to my ex-husband on the phone two weeks ago, and he said he wasn’t going to vote because many people on social media were telling him that his vote wouldn’t count anyway, so why bother? He has voted before, so I talked to him for a while, explaining that it was exactly what Trump wanted. He wanted you to think it wouldn’t matter, so why vote?

I spoke to my ex yesterday, and he was heading to the polls to vote. — Iris Lopez, Illinois

Ninety-Five Years of Presidents

My mother is 95 years old. She has seen a lot of presidents in her time. This one has been very upsetting to her. But she has never voted. I have been taking care of my mother this year at her apartment. We have watched politics very closely. So I got her registered to vote by mail. — Roxi Irwin

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