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5 Stories You Must Read This Week

5 Stories You Must Read This Week

By Leslie Nguyen-Okwu


Run, Monday’s coming. 

By Leslie Nguyen-Okwu

Here’s what’s on our radar.

The Golden Oldies

There’s a reason it’s called your golden years. This week, the gray tsunami is taking over OZY — that includes a visit to sweet ol’ granny as she builds her pot shop, the frisky science behind our hot-and-heavy elders as well as a probe into the LGBT retirement home boom.

There’s a glut of doom and gloom and wobbling canes when it comes to people in their twilight years. But “aging gracefully” doesn’t mean losing your shine. The 65-and-older crowd in the U.S. is projected to double by 2060. And truth be told, many of them are at least as wild and free as any of us.

A Third-Party Dark Horse?

Hey, it’s possible. Bernie Sanders won Oregon while Hillary Clinton barely edged him out in Kentucky. Meanwhile, Donald Trump announced a list of potential Supreme Court nominees, all of whom are white, conservative men — go figure. Next week, the Republicans in Washington will vote, but nearly everybody will be looking ahead to June 7, when California and a host of other states hit the polls.

While Clinton will almost certainly nab the nomination, a recent string of wins by Sanders might “put pressure on her to adopt much of his platform in the general election,” says OZY’s politics reporter Nick Fouriezos. On the other side of the ring, conservatives are waiting to see if a third-party contender like Mitt Romney will emerge and nuke the chances of a Trumpian victory come November.

A Score to Settle

Well, it’s Game 3 of the NBA Conference Finals and as of late, Stephen Curry has been on a three-point shooting spree — he scored a swift 15 points in two minutes in the last game! Clearly, that bum knee shows no signs of slowing him down. But Curry also seems to be racking up injuries as well as points — a sprained knee here, a bruised elbow there. What’ll be next? Fans hope he’ll make it all the way to the finals injury-free, when the Golden State Warriors will probably go head-to-head with the Cleveland Cavaliers in a long-awaited rematch.

Obama’s Asia Pivot

This week, he’ll be the first serving president to somberly step foot inside Hiroshima since America’s gut-wrenching atomic bomb touched down more than 70 years ago. Mind you, the White House has no plans to “revisit” the fatal attack, according to Obama’s deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes. Translation? Sorry not sorry.

He’ll also be making his way down south to Vietnam, our friend and sometimes foe in Southeast Asia. It’s his tenth trip to Asia, but there’s still plenty of bad blood to clean up in the region.

Forget He and Her, Try “Ze” and “Hir”

Because the transgender witch hunt continues — from the stalls of a bathroom to the banter of an Axe-suffused locker room. But the debate over gender goes far beyond four walls. In key ways, the U.S. trails behind the world in transgender rights. Canada recently introduced a law that bans hate crimes against transgenders. Thailand’s constitution already recognizes a third gender. And Ireland, Argentina, Malta, Colombia and Denmark are all light years ahead in allowing citizens to self-determine their gender on official documents.

But who says it’s even a choice? Some scientists are still figuring out how to demystify the genes behind gender. This Tuesday, join OZY’s Carlos Watson on Point Taken on PBS as the country debates just how far — or how little — America has come on gender and sexuality.


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