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The New Dream Jobs

The New Dream Jobs

By OZY Editors

All job seekers really want is security, sunshine and goats.


All job seekers really want are security, sunshine and goats.

By OZY Editors

Who wants to be an astronaut anymore? Or a ballerina? Probably some people, but let’s be honest, being an astronaut involves a lot of math and ballerinas usually see their careers end before the age of 45, so maybe those aren’t such hot ideas for a life plan.

No, really, those things are still great. But as the world moves on and we move forward, new dreams arise in the minds of a populace geared toward finding fulfillment through work. This original OZY series will illuminate the modern dreams Gen Z might strive for (and some really good stories in the process).

The Job With the Sunniest Outlook

OZY combed through government data to find the job forecast to grow the most over the next decade that doesn’t require a college education but still earns you a living wage. Surprise: It’s solar panel installer. Acrophobics need not apply.

This Surfer Has Found a New Wave

Professional surfing! That’s the dream! But Shannon Thomas is pioneering a new form of the sport, surfing America’s inland rivers and making a life in its wildest spaces.

Where the Unions Are

Union membership in America has dropped precipitously, but in certain unexpected professions it’s going strong. If you want a strong union — and the attendant rights and protections many American industries have lost — you might want to head underground.

China’s Female Gamers Hook Up With Luxury Brands

As women make strides in the professional video-gaming space, brands are taking notice. And with luxury names like Louis Vuitton trying to stick an arm into gaming, they’re doing it by working with the sport’s new female faces.

I, Goat Farmer

Peace and quiet, that’s all you really want. Many millennials fantasize about reconnecting with the earth. But this former soldier has actually done it, living a life as a Colorado goat farmer.

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