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The Bionic Athlete

The Bionic Athlete

By daisy Carrington


Because in a few years, the Olympics will be twice as awesome, thanks to these advancements.

By daisy Carrington

Video and reporting by Scott Sinkler

Technology is making the athlete of tomorrow stronger, faster, fitter and healthier. We are in an era where we can fine-tune performance to create a superclass of sportsmen who are slated to blow today’s competitors out of the water. 

“There’s devices for tracking the parameters of your vertical leap, for monitoring your gait if you’re runner. There’s technology coming from things like health care that lets you monitor glucose levels,” notes Brett Wingeier, CTO of Halo Neuroscience, which creates headsets that stimulate the part of your brain responsible for muscle movement.

”Technology for performance … there’s a few awesome things happening there.” 

From wearables that monitor muscle activity to shoes that can potentially double the speed of marathon runners, humans are on the edge of breaking sports records like never before.


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