Meet the New Meat: PredicTED by OZY - OZY | A Modern Media Company


Because having bugs on your plate isn’t just a picnic nuisance anymore.

By Tom Gorman and OZY Editors

Video by Tom Gorman

As the world’s population barrels further into the billions, the need to feed all those hungry mouths will reach epic proportions as well. While entrepreneurial urban dwellers are using their rooftops in service of the greater good, that’s just one small part of the equation. Producing protein that can satisfy both herbivores and carnivores is still the real challenge. But it’s a challenge that scientists and gastronomes alike are attacking like a swarm of bees, or caterpillars or worms. See where we’re going with this?

In this latest installment of PredicTED, a new class of food technicians is reimagining the classic burger in surprising ways that will satisfy your taste buds, the environment … and quite a few cows.  

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