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People come from all over to be inspired by Anthony Hamilton. Now you can, too. 

By Carlos Watson

And I’m going to tell you what I told them – We’re doing it because this guy is gargantuan. It’s the story of a man who learned to read in his 20s and then went on to write a number of books. It’s the story of a man who was helped by others, and now does the same thing himself. It’s the story of someone who wouldn’t give up. It’s the story of the American Dream, and I want everyone to know about it.When I told the OZY editorial team that I wanted to profile Anthony Hamilton, former illiterate football player turned self-published author, they gave me a hard time. They said, ”Carlos, we’re glad you want to tell the story of a poor black guy who makes it and yes, it’s a compelling story. But there are a lot of stories out there like this, why should we tell this one?

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