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Because she has one of your childhood dream jobs.

By Charlotte Buchen

Please join us on Saturday, July 23, in New York City’s Central Park to hear Christian Joy — in person — along with other intellectuals, artists and “trend-makers” who love good conversation, a rich mix of food and great music. Welcome to OZY FUSION FEST, and enjoy this special encore presentation.

Artists, want your artwork to literally take the spotlight onstage? Try designing costumes for rock stars.  

Christian Joy’s fashion sense reaches deep into the subconscious, like a David Lynch film spiked with a shot of Looney Tunes. She can craft like a Midwestern elementary school teacher, but her creative risk-taking is more akin to that of her hero, John Waters. There seem to be no bounds to her amused forays into the experimental and downright bizarre. Shrimp and crustaceans, for example, are a recurring theme in her garments — need I say more?  

Watch our video to learn the story of Joy’s connection to her muse: the kinetic Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, whose punky glam outfits are Joy’s signature designs. The designer has also proved her ability to create more demure glamour with caped creations for Grammy Award winner Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes and space-age styles for the band Lucius. Whether sparkling, studded, stuffed, fringed or frayed, the creations that come out of Joy’s modest Brooklyn studio are sure to delight you.

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