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Grow Your Own Home: PredicTED by OZY

Grow Your Own Home: PredicTED by OZY

By Tom Gorman and OZY Editors


Because sustainability should come naturally. 

By Tom Gorman and OZY Editors

Video by Tom Gorman

As humans gather in increasingly dense urban megacities, the need for greener, smarter buildings is becoming ever more urgent. How do we house everyone without choking the world in smog and sprawl?

Luckily, the next generation of visionary architects is weaving nature back into our highly artificial urban jungle. Skyscrapers built with superstrong wooden panels are sprouting up around the world, cutting down on warming greenhouse gases from steel and cement construction.

It’s not only humans that will soon breathe easier. Buildings themselves may be able to skip the energy-guzzling air conditioning and heating systems and regulate their own temperatures thanks to flexible, “breathable” metal exteriors. These panels function much like pores do in human skin and are powered by the sun.

Most out there of all, we may soon be able to forgo the construction process entirely and create eco-friendly homes as easily as planting a tree. Brooklyn-based Mitchell Joachim thinks he can do this by planting trees that will become natural, livable, carbon-sucking bungalows. As with anything, there’s a catch — you can’t fast-track nature, so give it a good seven to 10 years before moving in.

In this latest installment of PredicTED, meet a new class of “starchitects” reconstructing the building in remarkably fresh ways.

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