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President Clinton on OZY

President Clinton on OZY

By OZY Editors



This is President Clinton at his best — wide-ranging, personal and unafraid of controversial topics. 

By OZY Editors

When former President Bill Clinton sat down to talk to OZY CEO Carlos Watson, he covered a range of topics and even made some news. Here’s the complete interview, including downloadable audio. In a hurry? Check out the highlights below.


His greatest influences

Who inspires a world leader? Clinton opens up about whom he turned to during his presidency, as well as learning to let go of hatred, looking beyond yourself to future generations, and thinking in world-historical terms.

Advice to President Obama on health care

Few people have spent more time thinking about how to make national health care a reality than former President Clinton. Watch as he sums up some of the thorniest aspects of Obamacare, and hear the comments that kicked off a national debate over whether President Obama should modify the Affordable Care Act to allow people to keep their current health insurance plan.


Solution for ending Washington gridlock

How do we move beyond political gridlock? Maybe the answer is to expect more from our politicians and to do more ourselves, starting with voting in off-year elections.

A personal and political health choice

The former president explains how he “cleaned up his act” to reduce his own stress on the health system and to get the chance to meet his future grandchildren.


Fixing the economy

Clinton presided over a booming U.S. economy and now leads business-oriented development efforts around the world. Here are his insights on recovering from the Great Recession. What’s the fastest way for the country to do that? “Bring in more immigrants,” he says.

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