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    Protesters Swarm Hong Kong Airport Again

    The semi-autonomous territory’s international airport canceled all departures for the second straight day after pro-democracy demonstrators returned on Tuesday to raise pressure on the government. Earlier today, Chief Executive Carrie Lam warned that Hong Kong could be “pushed into an abyss.” During her press conference, she appeared shaken as she faced criticism from local reporters — many of whom condemned her handling of the crisis.

    What’s next? Escalation appears likely after the 10-week-old movement reached a critical new phase, while observers have noted a build-up of Chinese paramilitary police in the border city of Shenzhen.

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    Questions Mount Over Epstein’s Death in Custody

    Attorney General William Barr says investigators found “serious irregularities” at a federal prison in Manhattan where disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein apparently committed suicide. According to one report, those included the failure of guards on duty — only one of whom is believed to have been a full-fledged corrections officer — to regularly check on him. “I was appalled and frankly angry,” Barr told reporters yesterday, while also assuring the criminal investigation into the deceased money manager would continue.

    Has justice died with Epstein? As OZY reports, his victims are still hoping to claim restitution through civil litigation against his estate, but his inability to defend himself could hinder that effort.

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    New Federal Rule Targets Low-Income Legal Immigrants

    The White House has unveiled a measure that would deny green cards to migrants deemed to be a financial burden. Effective Oct. 15, the rule will refuse legal permanent residency to those likely to rely on programs like subsidized housing or food stamps. One immigration advocate called it a “cruel new step” that would prevent legal residents from seeking needed assistance.

    What are the criteria? Expected to save the government $2.47 billion per year in public benefits, the measure will be applied based on a variety of factors — though an individual’s income topping 125 percent of the $12,490 poverty line would weigh in their favor.

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    Reports: CBS, Viacom Close to Merger

    Through a deal that’s expected to be announced today, the two companies are hoping to forge a more powerful player in the entertainment industry. If the merger goes through, broadcast giant CBS would receive key cable assets like Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon, as well as the Paramount film and TV studios. Viacom CEO Bob Bakish would reportedly run the new entity.

    Will that combination be enough to compete? With heavy-hitters like Apple, AT&T and Disney crowding the streaming market, some analysts say CBS and Viacom will need to continue merging with others to put up worthy fight.

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  5. Also Important…

    Spanish-born opera icon Placido Domingo has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment. Two French government officials have called for an investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s links with France. And a knife-wielding man has been arrested after stabbing a woman in central Sydney today.

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    Could New Ebola Treatments Bring Hope to Congo?

    Health officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are celebrating the results of a clinical trial that saw two drugs ensure the survival of 90 percent of patients who’d contracted the disease shortly before treatment. The first therapy, REGN-EB3, is made from cloning three separate Ebola antibodies; the second, known as mAb114, was developed by cloning a single antibody from a person infected in 1995. 

    How many people are at risk? In 12 months, Ebola has killed nearly 1,900 of the more than 2,800 people infected in the DRC, which is why one trial investigator hails the potential treatments as “really good news.” 

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    Argentine Stocks, Peso Nosedive After Surprise Vote

    Following Sunday’s stunning defeat of President Mauricio Macri and his coalition in primary elections, Argentina’s currency tumbled around 25 percent against the dollar after trading opened, while its main stock index sank more than 30 percent. The Peronist opposition, led by Alberto Fernández, snatched 48 percent of the vote to the more market-friendly Macri’s 32 percent in an election that portends the ascendancy of a populist government in October’s presidential poll.

    Why the negative reaction? Argentina’s investors are antsy because Peronists advocate greater state control of the economy — and because ex-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, currently under indictment for corruption, is Fernández’s running mate.

  3. endangered species eagle shutterstock 108214580

    White House Weakens Endangered Species Act 

    President Donald Trump’s administration has scaled back protections for species that could be endangered soon, as opposed to those already facing extinction. The new regulations make it harder to advocate for species on the basis of climate change and enable federal agencies to consider the economic impact of protective regulations. The change is expected to help property developers and the fossil fuel industry, which have argued that the Endangered Species Act — credited with saving the bald eagle — stifles business.

    How are conservationists reacting? The modifications “crash a bulldozer” through the law’s current protections, according to one wildlife advocate, while California and Massachusetts have already sued the administration.

  4. asap rocky 2013

    Ahead of Verdict, A$AP Rocky Hits the Stage

    “I’m so happy to be here right now.” So said the embattled rapper at his first show since his release from a Swedish prison following charges of assault. Rocky, who began his performance in Anaheim, California, Sunday night wearing a mask, returned to the U.S. Aug. 2 after a month behind bars. President Trump had urged Sweden’s prime minister to free Rocky, who denies beating a 19-year-old in Stockholm on June 30.

    Is he off the hook? Prosecutors have asked for a six-month sentence if Rocky is convicted tomorrow. ”I’m gonna need y’all to keep praying for me,” he told the crowd Sunday.

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  5. Steph curry wikicommons

    Meet the Man Behind Steph Curry’s Magic

    Trainer Brandon Payne is helping keep the Golden State Warriors’ two-time NBA MVP at his absolute peak. The 40-year-old says he lacked the natural talents of his famous charge, but more importantly, never worked hard enough — and now he’s determined to make sure none of the players he trains repeat that mistake. One-on-one workouts are growing more popular, OZY reports, and Payne’s client list now includes Dallas’ Luka Doncic and Atlanta’s Trae Young.

    What’s his secret? Talent and size give would-be players a great boost, Payne says, but for undersized guys like Curry, footwork, efficiency and decisiveness can conquer the heights.