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    US Boosts Mideast Troop Presence as Iran Tensions Rise

    Citing “hostile behavior by Iranian forces,” acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said yesterday that Washington will send 1,000 more troops to the Middle East to monitor Tehran’s moves. The announcement came just hours after Iran’s atomic agency promised to continue producing enriched uranium, and several days after mysterious attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, which the Pentagon blamed on the Islamic Republic.

    What’s the rest of the world saying? As Iran inches closer to breaking the 2015 nuclear deal, increasingly jittery international actors are urging “maximum restraint.”

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    Hong Kong Chief Apologizes Again, Refuses to Resign

    “I understand how people feel.” So said Chief Executive Carrie Lam on Tuesday while personally apologizing to the protesters that descended on Hong Kong in recent days over a since-suspended extradition bill they say would’ve left the semi-autonomous territory more vulnerable to Chinese rule. Still, Lam refused to heed their calls to resign, saying, “I want another chance.”

    Will it be enough to soothe protesters? That remains to be seen, especially since Lam did not formally withdraw the bill, and she declined to apologize for the heavy-handed police response to demonstrations.

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    Trump Vows Mass Deportation of Migrants

    President Donald Trump announced in a pair of tweets last night that U.S. immigration officials will begin deporting “millions” of undocumented immigrants next week. “They will be removed as fast as they come in,” he said. Though he offered no specifics, it’s part of a series of increasingly serious threats Trump has issued over immigration from Mexico.

    Will the crackdown really happen? One official suggested the claim — which was unusual because authorities usually keep plans secret — referred to an operation targeting families with existing deportation orders.

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    Egypt’s Morsi Buried After Sudden Courtroom Death

    The son of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi says his father has been buried in Cairo, a day after the 67-year-old collapsed in court and later died. A leading figure in the controversial Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi was elected in 2012 following the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, but was toppled a year later in a military coup. He’d been in custody ever since, and was in court Monday on charges of espionage.

    What’s the bigger picture? Morsi’s death, which his now-banned movement called a “full-fledged murder,” has drawn attention to what watchdogs claim is the widespread mistreatment of political prisoners in Egypt.

  5. Also Important…

    President Trump is set to formally launch his campaign for reelection today in Orlando, Florida. Harvard University has revoked a Parkland shooting survivor’s acceptance over his use of racial slurs months before the February 2018 attack. And a New Zealand man who shared footage of the Christchurch mosque shootings has been sentenced to 21 months in prison.

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    Do US Democrats Have a Sexism Problem?

    According to a recent Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of The Daily Beast, 20 percent of Democratic and independent men believe women are “less effective in politics.” While 74 percent of respondents said they’d be comfortable with a female president, only 33 percent believed their neighbors would feel the same.

    Why ask about the neighbors? Pollsters say it’s “a classic method to get around people being reluctant to admit to less popular views” because the opinions people assume others hold often reflect their own.

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    Twitch Sues to Identify Online Trolls

    The popular live-streaming platform is targeting users who engaged in a “coordinated attack” beginning in May that used bots to repost footage of the Christchurch mosque massacre, as well as pornography and other illegal and hateful videos. Twitch has filed a lawsuit to unmask the anonymous users identified as “John and Jane Does 1-100.” The Amazon-owned site was forced to stop new sign-ups for two days during the peak of the attack.

    How can it stop the trolls? If Twitch can identify the users, it plans to ban them from the site and sue them for damages.

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    The Secret to Living Large? Tiny Apartments

    Smaller cities and suburbs across the U.S. hope that cheaper apartments will help draw young people into the community, OZY reports. Known as “micro-apartments” — typically smaller than 400 square feet — they’re an alternative to expensive, more traditional apartments. And they’re getting popular: In one Providence, Rhode Island, development, supply can’t keep up with demand. But it’s not all about a smaller footprint, since location still matters most.

    Will we all live in tiny homes? Local governments across the country are watching these projects, hoping to stem their own emerging housing crises.

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    Culture Icon Gloria Vanderbilt Remembered

    Following CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s announcement of his mother’s death at 95 yesterday, fans of the American heiress, socialite and fashion designer reflected on what culture commentators say was “a life — or, rather … lives — very well lived.” Unsatisfied with settling for a silver spoon, Vanderbilt emerged from a troubled childhood into a self-made woman, experimenting with acting and art before striking success designing denim.

    What’s her ultimate legacy? Some say Vanderbilt was among the first feminine influencers, eventually building a fashion empire worth some $100 million by promoting herself as a brand.

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    Toronto Raptors Celebration Marred by Violence

    Police in Toronto say four people were shot during a downtown rally yesterday in honor of the Canadian basketball team’s victory last week in the NBA Finals. Chief Mark Saunders said none of the injuries were life-threatening, and three people have been detained in connection with the shooting, which occurred as tens of thousands of people gathered near City Hall.

    How was order restored? Observers credited Matt Devlin, the Raptors’ play-by-play announcer, for taking the mic in the moments after the shooting and keeping the crowd calm, reminding attendees, “This is about love, it’s about rejoicing.”