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    Netflix Miniseries Stings ‘Central Park Five’ Prosecutor

    Former prosecutor and novelist Linda Fairstein, who won since-overturned 1989 convictions against five teenagers of color accused of brutally assaulting a female jogger in New York City, now faces her own infamy. She’s quit board memberships at four organizations, including Vassar College, amid a backlash inspired by Ava DuVernay’s new miniseries When They See Us, featuring Felicity Huffman playing Fairstein. The five wrongfully convicted men were eventually released when the real attacker confessed in 2002.

    Who else is linked to the case? President Trump bought newspaper ads at the time urging the death penalty for the accused, so he may be asked if he still believes they’re guilty.

    Read OZY’s story on how the innocent confess.

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