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    GOP May Defy Trump on Trade, Saudi Arms

    While President Donald Trump is wading into British politics during his U.K. trip, Republicans in Congress are pushing back against some of his policies at home. GOP senators told the White House Tuesday that few of them support his plans to tax all Mexican imports to elicit help in stopping immigrants from crossing into the United States. Some Republicans are also working to block Trump’s plan to sell $8 billion in American weapons to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

    What’s Trump up to? He’s ignoring diplomatic protocol by jumping into British politics, meeting with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage and pushing for a no-deal split from the EU.

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    Sudanese Military Welcomes Talks After Deadly Crackdown

    The death toll has reached 100 after 40 more corpses were discovered in the Nile River Tuesday. They were killed after security forces attacked demonstrators in Khartoum Monday. Sudan’s governing military council has since offered to renew talks with the civilian opposition. But protesters, who in April prompted the military to end the 30-year dictatorship of President Omar al-Bashir, have rejected the offer and vow to remain in the streets. 

    Is there a way to stop the bloodshed? Not in the U.N. Security Council, where Russia and China blocked an effort to condemn the killings, though the U.S., Norway and Britain have condemned the violence.

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    Ex-Cop Charged for Failing to Prevent Parkland Massacre

    Deputy Scot Peterson was seen on CCTV lingering outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as a shooter rampaged inside. Since the Valentine’s Day 2018 killings, many in the Florida community have demanded he answer for his inaction. Peterson faces 11 charges of neglect of a child, culpable negligence and perjury after he allegedly made false statements under oath during the investigation.

    What else is being done after mass shootings? Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam says he’ll ask state lawmakers to consider gun control measures this summer following last week’s Virginia Beach massacre.

    OZY talks to White women who love their guns.

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    Homelessness Rises 16 Percent in LA

    The Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority counted 36,000 Angelenos sleeping on the streets, in cars and in temporary shelters on any given night, an increase of 16 percent over last year. Lack of affordable housing and climbing poverty have been blamed, while local lawmakers say they’re stunned at the findings. It’s a backward step for the City of Angels — now second only to New York City — after it had seen improvements in recent years with affordable housing initiatives.

    How’s the rest of SoCal? Los Angeles County recorded a 12 percent increase overall, but neighboring Kern County saw a 50 percent higher homeless population.

    OZY looks at the homelessness crisis in San Francisco.

  5. Also Important…

    Police today raided a Sydney office of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, seeking leaked classified documents supporting ABC’s report about Australian troops killing unarmed civilians in Afghanistan. Moscow is disputing a Pentagon claim that a Russian fighter unsafely buzzed a U.S. Navy surveillance plane off the coast of Syria Tuesday. And U.S. border agents have fatally shot an American who reportedly refused to stop his vehicle for inspection.

    #OZYfact: Nearly two-thirds of South Koreans listen to podcasts. Read more on OZY.

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    Netflix Miniseries Stings ‘Central Park Five’ Prosecutor

    Former prosecutor and novelist Linda Fairstein, who won since-overturned 1989 convictions against five teenagers of color accused of brutally assaulting a female jogger in New York City, now faces her own infamy. She’s quit board memberships at four organizations, including Vassar College, amid a backlash inspired by Ava DuVernay’s new miniseries When They See Us, featuring Felicity Huffman playing Fairstein. The five wrongfully convicted men were eventually released when the real attacker confessed in 2002.

    Who else is linked to the case? President Trump bought newspaper ads at the time urging the death penalty for the accused, so he may be asked if he still believes they’re guilty.

    Read OZY’s story on how the innocent confess.

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    Biology Could Bring Gender Equality to Congress

    Women live longer. That’s how a new generation of young women who’ve just entered Congress may eventually take over. The longevity advantage had been tempered by women traditionally entering politics after child-rearing, but nowadays voters are sending 29-year-olds like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the halls of power. Still, young moms with political careers must fight for accommodation along the way.

    How long can they stick around? If term limits aren’t imposed, a very long time. It’s not unheard of for representatives to stay in office for half a century, so it’s hardly a joke when Nebraska’s Sen. Deb Fischer says, “We’ll be here forever.”

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    Dutch Teen Legally Euthanized at Home

    Noa Pothoven received her wish to die last week at the age of 17 due to “unbearable” pain she felt from being sexually assaulted twice as a child and brutally raped at the age of 14. The teenager suffered from physical and psychological illnesses including depression, anorexia and post-traumatic stress. “After years of battling and fighting, I am drained,” she wrote on Instagram.

    What circumstances permit euthanasia in the Netherlands? Children as young as 12 can seek assisted suicide with parental consent if they meet strict legal requirements and get approval from two doctors and a panel of experts.

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    NYC Theft Ring Exploited Cheap Phone Deals

    They were a steal at that price. A con ring in New York City allegedly pilfered more than $19 million worth of iPhones from 34 states. Over seven years, scammers posed as phone account holders, using fake IDs of legitimate customers, to get new devices for free or at low costs. Police say the fraudsters then proceeded to sell the phones to make a fortune.

    Where are they now? Six suspected ringleaders are awaiting trial after a suspicious shipping service employee approached authorities, leading to the crew’s apprehension on felony charges of mail fraud, conspiracy, and identity theft.

    Read this OZY look into face hacking.

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    Premier League, Bundesliga to Block ‘Super League’ Plan

    The European Club Association’s recent proposal to replace the Champions League, Europe’s top soccer tournament, with a “super league” is under fire: Representatives of two powerhouses, Britain’s Premier League and Germany’s Bundesliga, say it would create a closed competition that could “destroy” national leagues. The proposed system would see 24 teams automatically qualify each year, leaving just four spaces for new qualifiers and another four for the champions of Europe’s 54 domestic leagues.

    What’s at stake? French President Emmanuel Macron added that a super league would be “for the benefit of the few” and leave European football — and fans — worse off.

    OZY looks at how Team USA almost lost it all.