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  1. Brexit Showdown, Climate Denial and Charlottesville Conviction

    The Week Ahead: Nobel Prizes are to be given to laureates at ceremonies Monday in Stockholm and Oslo. British Prime Minister Theresa May faces a hostile Parliament Tuesday, when she’s planning to submit her Brexit plan for a vote. And that day Google CEO Sundar Pichai is to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on the search giant’s handling of user data.

    Know This: The international conference on climate change in Poland wanted to “welcome” a dire October U.N. report on worsening conditions, but the move was blocked by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Kuwait. A Charlottesville, Virginia, jury has convicted white supremacist James Alex Fields Jr. of first-degree murder for fatally running down Heather Heyer amid counterdemonstrations during the August 2017 Unite the Right rally in the city. And University of Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray has won the Heisman Trophy.

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