The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. zimbabwe shutterstock 431564335

    Zimbabwean Voters Head to Polls

    In the first election since 1980 not to include ousted leader Robert Mugabe, citizens will choose new parliamentary and local officials, as well as selecting a president — an office for which septuagenarian incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa maintains a narrow lead. Nearly half of registered voters are 35 or younger, so youth turnout is expected to be key. Mugabe still managed to grab the spotlight, speaking out against Mnangagwa last night in a move that could bolster the chances of challenger Nelson Chamisa, 40, who is trailing by just three points in the polls.

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    Trump Tweets Government Shutdown Threats

    Even as congressional Republicans prepare for a bitter fight in November’s midterms, President Donald Trump said he’s prepared to shut down the government if sweeping changes aren’t made to immigration laws by a Sept. 30 deadline. He tweeted, “Congress must act on fixing the DUMBEST & WORST immigration laws anywhere in the world!” Trump’s demands include funding for his signature border wall — a threat he’s made twice before, though he eventually backed down both times. A shutdown could backfire on Republicans, though, if voters blame government dysfunction on Washington’s ruling party.

  3. indonesia earthquake usgs

    Deadly Earthquake Hits Indonesian Vacation Spot

    The 6.4 magnitude temblor struck the island of Lombok, about 25 miles east of Bali, early Sunday morning, killing at least 16 people and injuring 355. Officials say more than 270 aftershocks followed, sending tourists fleeing their hotels and causing landslides that stranded hundreds of climbers on Mount Rinjani. Some routes up the mountain have now been cleared, and rescuers are bringing hikers down while helicopters deliver supplies and search for those still trapped. Indonesian President Joko Widodo is on Lombok today, comforting survivors and distributing cash to help rebuild.

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    Death Toll in California Fire Rises to 6

    More than 3,000 firefighters are currently working to contain the Carr Fire, which has killed six people — including two young children and their great-grandmother, whose home was destroyed by the flames. The fire, one of several currently ravaging California, has forced 39,000 people to evacuate and destroyed hundreds of structures. Seven people are still missing. Meanwhile, climate scientists say heat waves and wildfires around the globe — like the one that killed 91 people in Greece last week — are intensifying due to human-caused climate change.

  5. Off the Record, a Dance Challenge and Citizenship Tests

    Know This: President Trump and the publisher of The New York Times met privately — and have wildly conflicting accounts of what they discussed. Iran’s currency has lost half its value since April. Police have warned people against the viral Kiki Challenge, which involves stepping out of a moving car during a Drake song. And today OZY’s Around the World campaign takes you to Chile, where an activist defending the nation’s indigenous people has been labeled by some as a terrorist.

    Remember This Number: Four million people. That’s how many in India may lose their citizenship if they can’t prove they came to the area before March 24, 1971, in what the country’s government says is a necessary measure to root out illegal migrants.

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  1. matterhorn

    Skier Lost in Alps 64 Years Ago Identified

    The remains of a skier found in 2005 more than 10,000 feet up a mountain near the border between Switzerland and Italy have finally been identified after investigators posted a Facebook plea for help. The body, found with expensive wooden skis and a shirt with embroidered initials, has been determined to be Henri Le Masne, a Frenchman missing since 1954. Family members, who identified the missing man by his clothing and confirmed his identity using DNA, are planning a funeral for Masne, who would have turned 100 next year.

  2. teslashutterstock 594089093

    Tesla’s $1,500 Surfboards Sell Out in Hours

    They’re making waves. The troubled electric carmaker has already sold all 200 limited edition Tesla-branded surfboards offered on its website. With carbon fiber reinforced decks and a design inspired by the interiors of its car models, the 6-foot-8-inch, black and red boards cost about twice as much as similar products from established surfboard companies. Some of the boards have reportedly ended up on eBay, where bidders might find themselves paying up to $5,000 for the piece of Tesla memorabilia.

  3. jewish quarter warsaw shutterstock 1128354107

    Jewish Communities Experience a Revival in Unexpected Places

    Call it a comeback. During a time when Jewish communities in major cities like Paris and New York City are dwindling — and reports of anti-Semitism are rising — they’re experiencing a rebirth in places from which they’d all but disappeared. From Yangon, Myanmar, to Kraków, Poland, new communities are sprouting up, spurred by youthful enthusiasm, technology allowing people to work remotely, and local political conditions that make a religious rebirth possible. Although rebuilding Jewish life is neither cheap nor easy, these small communities seem bound to grow.

  4. shutterstock 734406043

    Fallout Continues After Moonves Report

    The board of CBS will meet today to discuss accusations of sexual misconduct by at least six women against chairman and CEO Les Moonves. The accusations were published Friday in a report in The New Yorker, which included interviews with current and former CBS employees describing a hostile workplace culture that extended beyond Moonves. CBS Films chief Terry Press said that the accusations were “difficult to reconcile” with the Moonves she knows and they generate “as many questions as answers.” The company’s board is expected to launch an investigation.

  5. shutterstock 670952356

    Geraint Thomas Wins Tour de France

    The 32-year-old described winning as “the stuff of dreams” as he became the first Welshman to win the race Sunday after overtaking four-time winner Chris Froome as Team Sky’s de facto leader. Thomas, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, will split a $585,000 prize with his teammates. Meanwhile, American Lawson Craddock earned the title of lanterne rouge, the last of 145 cyclists completing the race, despite a fractured shoulder from a first-round crash. He raised more than $192,000 for Houston’s Alkek Velodrome, damaged by Hurricane Harvey last year.