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  1. Delayed Meetings, Flag Fights and Facebook Security

    Know This: National Security Adviser John Bolton has announced that President Trump’s meeting in Washington with Vladimir Putin, originally planned for this fall, will be postponed until next year, after special counsel Robert Mueller’s “witch hunt” is over. Tension between New Zealand and Australia is growing as the acting Kiwi prime minister accused Australia of “copying” New Zealand’s flag. Facebook has promised new security measures as it prepares to repel misinformation in the lead-up to U.S. elections. And today OZY’s Around the World campaign takes you to Singapore: Check out our coverage of the country’s government-approved activist filmmaker.

    Read This: Otto Warmbier, the American college student imprisoned in North Korea, became a symbol, then a tragedy when he died shortly after being returned. But his autopsy raises questions about what actually happened to him.

    Talk to Us: Tell us how you really feel. Our electrifying TV show, Third Rail With OZY, is shelving the PC and whipping up debates. Each week we’re posting a provocative question, and we want you to weigh in. This week: Should there be gender and racial quotas for the U.S. Congress? Email with your thoughts, and we might feature your answer next week.

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