The Presidential Daily Brief


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    Trump Considers Revoking Security Clearance of Critics

    President Trump is considering taking away the security clearance of former officials who have been critical of his administration’s handling of Russia in an unprecedented politicization of the security process. Those officials, who served during the Obama administration and include former C.I.A. director John Brennan and former F.B.I. director James Comey, have ”politicized, and in some cases monetized, their public service and security clearances,” according to the White House. The move, seemingly first proposed by Senator Rand Paul, would impact official’s ability to advise those in government as well as work as consultants and lobbyists.

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    Trump Threatens Iran Via Twitter

    “BE CAUTIOUS!” That’s how President Donald Trump concluded a blistering late-night tweet directed at Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The all-capitalized message was apparently a response to Rouhani’s speech Sunday warning that conflict between Washington and Tehran would spark “the mother of all wars.” Trump fired back, threatening Iran with “CONSEQUENCES THE LIKES OF WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE EVER SUFFERED BEFORE.” His comments came hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized Iran’s leadership, which faces the reimposition of financial sanctions after Washington’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal.

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    Two Dead, 12 Injured in Toronto Shooting

    Two people were killed when a gunman opened fire in Toronto’s Greektown neighborhood Sunday night, according to police. Eyewitnesses described the suspect walking along lively Danforth Avenue and firing into restaurants and cafes. He was eventually killed, though it’s unclear if he was shot by police or committed suicide. “We were so used to living in a city where these things didn’t happen,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory. Police have not yet identified the shooter or his motive, and are asking witnesses to come forward.

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    Macron Under Fire Over Bodyguard Beating

    French President Emmanuel Macron has ordered a shake-up of his personal staff after one of his top bodyguards was filmed assaulting a protester during May Day demonstrations in Paris. Presidential aides said Alexandre Benalla, 26, was suspended in May, but he had been seen continuing to accompany Macron on official trips. Benalla was fired on Friday and yesterday was charged with “gang violence” over the incident, which has galvanized anger toward Macron’s administration — especially after reports that Benalla was given a luxury apartment and a personal driver after his suspension.

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    G-20 Ministers Urge Trade Dialogue

    It’s time to talk. In a communique published at the conclusion of their two-day summit in Buenos Aires, the world’s leading finance officials named “heightened trade and geopolitical tensions” as a leading threat to the global economy. While growth remains robust, they said the risks — which also include inequality and financial vulnerabilities — are increasing. Their statement identified “the need to step up dialogue and actions to mitigate risks and enhance confidence.” The meeting came just one day after President Trump threatened to impose tariffs on all $500 billion of Chinese imports.

  6. Backtracking, White Helmets and Cryptocurrency Chic

    Know This: President Trump has once again cast doubt over Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, calling it “a big hoax.” The Israeli military has evacuated hundreds of White Helmets rescue workers from Syria. More than 40 people have died in a heatwave currently sweeping Japan, which has resulted in the country’s highest-ever recorded temperature. And today OZY’s Around the World campaign takes you to Saudi Arabia, where one woman is using candy wrappers to make Western-style art.

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    Uber, Lyft Suspend Livestreaming Driver

    Jason Gargac was booted from both ride-sharing services after the St. Louis Post-Dispatch revealed he’d filmed hundreds of passengers for months, largely without their knowledge, for his audience on Twitch. “Passengers have thrown up, kissed, talked trash about relatives and friends and complained about their bosses in Gargac’s truck,” the paper reported. Both companies initially said Gargac hadn’t broken Missouri law because only one party needed to consent to recording. After the story was published, an Uber spokesperson said his behavior was “not in line with our Community Guidelines.”

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    Museums Hold Colombia’s Key to Peace

    While President-elect Iván Duque decides what to do with Colombia’s 2016 peace deal with FARC rebels, museums and memory spaces are cropping up across the country, aimed at preventing any reignition of conflict. Photographs, monuments and salvaged instruments of war populate exhibits at community and cultural centers — most of which aren’t government-funded — revealing the trauma both sides endured in the Americas’ longest-running war. Experts hope these initiatives, including a $24 million National Museum of Memory due to open in 2020, will help heal the wounded country.

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    Scientists Develop Predictive Tests for Preterm Births

    They’re searching for signs. Although nearly 1 in 10 U.S. babies were born prematurely in 2016 — a slight increase after a decade of decline — there’s still no way to accurately predict preterm birth, which is a leading cause of infant mortality. But two recent studies analyzing RNA and measuring biomarkers indicate that effective predictive tests may soon be possible, though more research is needed. “This is something that has plagued humanity for as long as we’ve been able to observe,” said a co-author of both studies.

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    Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Kidnapped, Robbed

    The performer, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, says he was kidnapped, pistol-whipped and robbed of approximately $750,000 in jewelry and $20,000 cash in Brooklyn early Sunday morning. Hernandez filed a police report before becoming “uncooperative” and checking himself into the hospital. “As crazy as it sounds … yesterday morning I had a feeling that it was my day to die,” he posted on Instagram under a photo of recently murdered rapper XXXtentacion. Hernandez released his latest track, FEFE, a collaboration with Nicki Minaj, only hours before the incident.

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    German Soccer Star Quits National Team, Citing Racism

    “I am German when we win, but an immigrant when we lose.” So said third-generation German Mesut Özil, who has Turkish ancestry, in a three-page letter announcing his retirement from Die Mannschaft. The 29-year-old Arsenal midfielder said he faced “previously hidden racist tendencies” from fans, media and the German Football Association after he was photographed with Turkey’s authoritarian President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in May. Özil, who described being unfairly blamed for Germany’s early World Cup exit, says he’ll “no longer stand for being a scapegoat.”