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    Thai Soccer Youth Found Alive in Cave

    The group of twelve boys and their coach were found alive by British volunteer divers inside a flooded cave in northern Thailand after a nine-day massive search effort. The Thai military said they would be providing the still-trapped group with food and medicine as rescuers deal with rising flood waters. The boys — between the ages of 11 and 16 — and their coach will need to learn to dive in order to navigate the muddy cave corridors or wait possibly months before waters recede to leave the complex.

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    Mexico Swings Left as Obrador Wins Presidency

    A landslide brought him up. Andrés Manuel López Obrador swept to power Sunday with a larger share of the vote than any candidate in 20 years — a sharp rebuke to the long-reigning political establishment that has focused on centrism and globalization. The 64-year-old populist campaigned on promises of social change, vowing to increase pensions, reduce poverty and stem violent drug wars. While critics doubt López Obrador will be able to fund his ambitious social programs, he insists Mexico will save billions annually by reducing corruption.

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    Child Dies After Idaho Birthday Party Stabbing

    Los Angeles native Timmy Kinner, 30, had reportedly been asked to leave a Boise apartment complex used to house refugee families, but he returned Saturday during a 3-year-old’s party and stabbed six children ages 3 to 12 — including the birthday girl, who later died. Three adults were also wounded attempting to stop him. It’s the highest number of victims from a single incident ever seen by Boise police, who’ve charged Kinner with first-degree murder. The victims included refugees from Syria, Iraq and Ethiopia, but there’s no evidence it was a hate crime.

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    German Leaders Meet for Crunch-Time Talks on Migration

    As one door stays open, another might be closing. German Chancellor Angela Merkel brokered a new plan on migration at an EU summit last week, one she hoped would patch differences between her CDU party and coalition partner CSU. But CSU leader Horst Seehofer has rejected the deal, and he and Merkel, whose power depends on their coalition, are holding crisis talks today. Seehofer’s party is facing autumn election challenges from the far-right xenophobic AfD party, which may be a factor in his insistence on closing borders.

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    Trump, Standing by Tariffs, Emphasizes Auto Market

    He’s not shifting gears. Yesterday Canada retaliated against President Donald Trump’s tariffs by imposing high import taxes on $12.6 billion in U.S. goods, and China plans do the same on $34 billion in American imports later this week — but Trump promised that “it’s going to all work out.” Despite his insistence that high tariffs would force foreign powers to make favorable trade deals with the U.S., business leaders are growing restive as allies fight back with tariffs of their own. Meanwhile, Trump threatened to impose 20 percent duties on imported cars.

  6. Host Nation, Family Leave and Reunification Fees

    Know This: Russia has advanced to the World Cup quarterfinals after toppling powerhouse contender Spain. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, currently on maternity leave, has passed sweeping legislation aimed at supporting families. And 11 members of one extended family have been found dead in India, though police say they’re unsure whether it’s a case of murder or connection to “mystical practices.”

    Read This: Families hoping to take custody of young relatives separated from migrant parents at the border — and parents hoping to be reunited with their children — are being charged hundreds or even thousands of dollars by the U.S. government.

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    Notorious French Criminal Escapes Prison in Helicopter

    Infamous gangster Redoine Faid escaped from a facility on the outskirts of Paris yesterday by hitching a ride with armed commandos who landed a helicopter in the prison courtyard — just as gunmen arrived at the building’s entrance demanding his release, creating a diversion. Faid, who was serving 25 years for masterminding an armed robbery that left a police officer dead in 2010, had previously used explosives to escape from another prison in 2013. The getaway helicopter was found outside Paris, while the suspects are still on the run.

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    Tesla Hits Model 3 Production Goal

    “I think we just became a real car company.” That’s how Elon Musk greeted his employees yesterday after the embattled electric carmaker finally surpassed its 5,000-per-week target for Model 3 sedan production, making 7,000 total cars last week. It’s a major turning point for Tesla, which has failed to meet production quotas or reach profitability, generating months of bad press. Now, experts say Tesla needs to prove it can keep up that pace, while Ford’s CEO mocked Musk on Twitter, noting that his company makes 7,000 cars in four hours.

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    How Ugandan Wives Are Profiting From Sex

    It’s a battle of the sexes. One charity in Uganda reports that around 30,000 women are now charging their husbands “sex tax,” withholding intimacy from men who shirk household duties. It’s a growing trend in the fight against a patriarchal society where many women feel they’re being taken for granted. Some community leaders are speaking out against the sex tax, though, worrying it will lead to increased domestic violence. But many believe a $3-$6 charge is an effective way of forcing husbands to pay for the error of their ways.

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    Rapper Smoke Dawg Killed in Shooting at 21

    The Canadian artist, born Jahvante Smart, was shot outside a club in Toronto Saturday during Canada Day weekend celebrations. His death comes just two weeks after 20-year-old Florida rapper XXXTentacion was gunned down in Miami. Toronto has seen 24 shooting deaths so far in 2018, 150 percent more than all of 2017. “I wish peace would wash over our city. So much talent and so many stories we never get to see play out,” read an Instagram post from Drake, for whom Smoke Dawg opened in 2017.

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    LeBron James Snags $154 Million Contract With Lakers

    Go west, young man. The King is leaving his native Ohio for a four-year contract in Los Angeles. After months of speculation about the four-time MVP’s prospects, James became an unrestricted free agent Friday after declining a $35.6 million option to play another season with the Cavs. This season the 33-year-old, who was reportedly also courted by the Rockets and 76ers, averaged 27.5 points, 9.1 assists and 8.6 rebounds. “Thank you Northeast Ohio for an incredible 4 seasons. This will always be home,” James posted to Instagram.