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  1. Briefly From OZY: Immigrant Marches, Oily Tweet and Pyongyang Shuffle

    Know This: Leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador won in a landslide on Sunday to become Mexico’s next president. President Trump tweeted Saturday that Saudi Arabia has agreed to produce more oil to lower crude prices, but the Saudi government refuses to confirm such a pledge. And a search for 12 boys and their soccer coach has resumed in a cave in Thailand now that flooding has eased.

    Shell Game: “North Korean officials are exploring ways to deceive Washington about the number of nuclear warheads and missiles, and the types and numbers of facilities they have…” — a Washington Post report on new evidence backing an earlier Defense Intelligence Agency assessment that doubts North Korea’s sincerity regarding its pledge to give up its nuclear arsenal.

    Knocked Out: “He had given everything - providing two assists in an encounter full of passion and drama - but it was not enough.” — postmortem on Lionel Messi leaving World Cup play after his Argentine team lost to France yesterday, along with fellow superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, whose Portuguese side fell to Uruguay.

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