The Presidential Daily Brief


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    Trump Calls for Deportations Without ‘Judges or Court Cases’

    “We cannot allow these people to invade our country.” President Donald Trump tweeted this call to arms Sunday, advocating immediate extrajudicial deportations, which would run afoul of the Constitution’s guarantee of due process. Trump also referred to undocumented migrants as “invaders” who exploit a “mockery” of a judicial system, prompting sweeping criticisms from immigration activists and legal experts alike. Meanwhile, Homeland Security officials said they had reunited parents with 522 of the more than 2,000 children that Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy had separated from their families.

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    Turkey’s Erdogan Wins Second Term

    “An example for the rest of the world.” That’s what President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called his Sunday re-election, winning outright with 53 percent of the vote — but his democratic blueprint isn’t widely celebrated. Erdogan’s government has imprisoned tens of thousands since an attempted 2016 coup. He’ll be assuming broad new powers, including control over the judiciary, and the role of prime minister will be abolished. But the pro-Kurdish HDP party won 67 seats in Parliament, and main opposition party CHP has yet to concede, vowing to continue fighting “whatever the result.”

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    Germany and Italy Battle Over EU Migration Policy

    The shots across the bow aren’t rhetorical. With Italy’s hard-right interior minister enthusiastically turning away refugee rescue ships and organizations that operate them, German Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to urge fellow EU members to admit newcomers. Sixteen European leaders conferred Sunday at an “informal” immigration summit in Brussels that saw Italy’s new anti-immigrant leaders push to abandon a rule forcing nations to register immigrants that land on their shores. New populist governments are refusing to share that burden, which threatens to unravel Merkel’s governing coalition in Berlin.

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    US Plans Curbs on Chinese Investment in American Tech

    In the latest and perhaps most significant trade salvo, the Trump administration is preparing to stop Chinese companies from investing in U.S. tech firms to prevent them from obtaining trade secrets. The move, on the heels of back-and-forth tariff threats by both countries, is likely to discourage Chinese investment that’s already in decline. In the first half of this year, those capital outlays dropped 90 percent to $1.8 billion. Presidential trade adviser Peter Navarro warned that if Beijing succeeds in achieving tech dominance, “America will have no economic future.”

  5. Nuclear ‘Asks,’ a Father’s Murder and Viva Las Teslas

    Know This: American officials are preparing a timeline for “specific asks” they will make to move North Korea on a path toward denuclearization. California police are trying to determine the motive behind the killing of accomplished chemist Tristan Beaudette, shot early Friday while camping near the coast with his two young daughters. And today, OZY’s Around the World campaign takes you to Cambodia: Learn how dissidents are combining spirituality with civil disobedience and burning photos of their leader while reciting curses.

    Remember This Number: $131 million. That’s the value of tax credits sold by electric carmaker Tesla to Las Vegas casinos, which use the credits to mitigate Nevada gambling taxes.

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    Medical Students Receive Little Education on Sleep

    Would they stay awake for it? According to a recent study, American medical students lack instruction in the science of sleep, receiving just three hours on the subject during their studies. Its low priority is all the more surprising considering recently discovered links between sleep deficits and diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes, and increasing numbers of studies showing the benefits of extra winks. Experts believe waking up to a robust sleep curriculum could alert students to treatable sleep disorders while reinforcing the idea that if you snooze, you win.

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    Legalization of Pot Boosts Child-Proof Packaging Industry

    “It’s such a green market.” So says one marijuana industry insider, describing the lucrative potential for manufacturers of special packaging for cannabis products. The blossoming legal marijuana industry is fueling a wave of creativity in pot-specific packaging for edibles and other concentrates aimed at keeping out little hands. From walnut-topped pill bottles to tamper-resistant droppers to “slide boxes,” these groundbreaking new designs — spurred by relatively new pot regulatory authorities — could soon find their way into the broader child-proof packaging market.

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    Blue Origin to Sell Tickets for Space in 2019

    The space tourism startup, launched by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has announced that it’s planning to send paying customers into suborbital flight next year — and that crewed test flights of its New Shepard rocket would happen “soon.” Blue Origin’s rocket isn’t quite on the same level as SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, which just nabbed Elon Musk’s company a military contract, but it aims to provide a rocket-powered observation deck letting travelers see Earth for about four minutes at suborbital height. The price tag has yet to be disclosed.

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    Roseanne Barr ‘Sorry’ in First Interview Since Racist Tweet

    She didn’t mean it. That’s what Barr said on Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s podcast in her first sit-down since ABC canceled her hit show. In the interview, reportedly recorded two days after the incident, Barr said she regretted it, noting that she “lost everything.” A tearful Barr also claimed she’d been “impaired” and wouldn’t wittingly compare a Black person to a monkey, as she did with Valerie Jarrett. She also asked supporters not to defend her comments, saying, “I don’t want to get any more racism going from what I did.”

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    Female Saudi F1 Driver Celebrates End of Driving Ban

    Ladies, start your engines. Aseel al-Hamad, the first female member of the Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation, celebrated her country allowing women to drive Sunday by racing a Renault F1 car around the circuit of the French Grand Prix. Although exempt from the ban in France, al-Hamad’s promoting the sport for her female compatriots. “I want to watch them training and taking the sport very seriously as a career,” she said. Meanwhile, nine activists who fought for women’s driving rights are still languishing in Saudi custody.