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    Trump and Kim Start Summit With Handshake

    It was the handshake felt around the world. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un kicked off their Singapore summit with a friendly greeting amid a background of U.S. and North Korean flags. Trump predicted a “great discussion” while Kim expressed gratitude they could escape a “past that grabbed our ankles.” The two leaders have now signed a statement committing to denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, though without an attached timeline. Meanwhile, the White House announced Trump would leave Singapore on Tuesday evening following the day’s talk, earlier than expected.

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    Trump Attacks Trudeau After G-7 Summit

    With friends like these, who needs enemies? After leaving the G-7 summit early, President Donald Trump lashed out at his Canadian counterpart, tweeting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “dishonest” and “weak” for objecting to America’s high new tariffs against some of its closest allies. U.S. trade adviser Peter Navarro added “there’s a special place in hell” for Trudeau for defying Trump, while economic adviser Larry Kudlow admitted Sunday that Trump’s show of force was partly to project strength ahead of tomorrow’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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    North Korea’s Positive Tone Bolsters Hopes for Summit

    After weeks of silence, North Korean state media is hailing Kim Jong Un’s arrival in Singapore for tomorrow’s unprecedented meeting with President Trump — one Trump admits will likely be just a starting point. Foreign policy analysts say the media blitz indicates Pyongyang has real hopes for productive discussion. According to former CIA Deputy Director John McLaughlin’s analysis for OZY, the U.S. “has changed the most distinctive feature of its proposed engagement with North Korea — the demand for a firm, up-front commitment to verifiable, irreversible and complete denuclearization.”

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    Italy Blocks Rescue Boat Carrying 629 Migrants

    New Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said it’s Malta’s responsibility to accept the rescue vessel, while Malta said the migrants fall within Italy’s jurisdiction after being rescued from Libyan waters. The boat, which is reportedly carrying 123 unaccompanied minors and seven pregnant women, was drifting between Italy and Malta before Spain said it would accept it. Salvini, whose right-wing League party swept to power with a hard-line anti-immigration position, said Italy would “say no to human trafficking, no to the business of illegal immigration.” He said he’s also considering action against migrant-rescue organizations.

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    Foxconn Investigates Chinese Factory Making Amazon Devices

    They’ve got work to do. After U.S.-based China Labor Watch published a 94-page report detailing “appalling” violations at a Hunan province factory manufacturing Amazon Echoes and Kindles, Foxconn says it will investigate the situation. The watchdog found that workers at the factory were poorly trained, underpaid and overworked, and that the percentage of temporary workers far exceeded legal maximums. In 2010, Foxconn — which employs over 1 million people and is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics — promised to improve conditions after a spate of worker suicides.

  6. Jail Time, Internet Safety and Salmonella

    Know This: Three activists in Hong Kong have been handed multiyear jail sentences for their part in protests in 2016 that turned violent. Repeal of net neutrality protections takes effect today, though legal showdowns are still pending. And a salmonella outbreak that affected scores of Americans has been linked to pre-cut packaged melons.

    Remember This Number: 10 percent. That’s how much bitcoin’s value dropped Sunday after a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. This follows multiple major heists over the winter in which exchanges in Korea and Japan were hacked, and raises new concerns about bitcoin’s security.

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    Elon Musk Releases Flamethrowers to Public

    Don’t hate the player, hate the flame. The first of the tech billionaire’s “Not-a-flamethrower,” so named to get around shipping laws, were handed out to customers in California Saturday. The project — which sold 20,000 of the $500 products within four days — raised $10 million for Musk’s The Boring Company, which plans to build a network of underground tunnels in the U.S. to reduce traffic congestion. Musk cautioned customers to “avoid unintentionally burning things down,” while local California politicians criticized the stunt in their forest-fire prone state.

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    Unofficial Banks Take Root in Nigeria

    After the Nigerian military recaptured the northeastern state of Adamawa from Boko Haram in 2015, most of the banks that had been looted and destroyed by the terrorist group remained closed. But now savvy entrepreneurs are stepping in to fill the void, doling out cash to customers for a commission as a side gig. Using Point of Sale machines, they collectively form an alternative banking system that provides a crucial service for cash-strapped Nigerians — and at around $500 per day, earn dozens of times the daily average income of $7.

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    Polio Returns to Venezuela Decades After Eradication

    Venezuelan doctors have reported several new cases of the crippling childhood disease — the first since the Americas were declared polio-free 24 years ago. According to a public health group, the first case was reported three weeks ago in the impoverished eastern state of Delta Amacuro, where residents hadn’t been vaccinated since 2016. Critics say vaccines in the crisis-hit country have dried up as the government struggles to cope with political turmoil and soaring inflation. “This situation is unfortunate,” one opposition politician said, “but we saw it coming.”

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    ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Band’s Visit’ Top Tony Awards

    The 72nd annual celebration of theater awarded Harry Potter and the Cursed Child best play and The Band’s Visit best musical, while Glenda Jackson of Three Tall Women earned best actress. Andrew Garfield won best leading actor for Angels in America. A special award was given to Parkland theater teacher Melody Herzfeld for protecting students during February’s school massacre. Later, her students gave an emotional performance of “Seasons of Love” from Rent. And in an otherwise subdued ceremony, Robert De Niro got a standing ovation for his profane comments on President Trump.

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    Simona Halep, Rafael Nadal Win French Open

    The clay’s the thing. After the world’s top-ranked woman defeated 10th-seed American Sloane Stephens on Saturday, the men’s No. 1 promptly followed suit Sunday. Nadal bested Austrian Dominic Thiem, 6-4, 6-3, 6-2, for a record 11 French Open wins. Though Thiem, a next generation champ, had beaten the Spaniard on clay three times before, Nadal had never lost a final at Roland Garros. Now the 32-year-old is within three Grand Slams of Roger Federer’s record of 20 as he prepares for Wimbledon next month.