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    Senator Mike Lee Curates for OZY

    We strive to ensure that OZY readers hear from a wide range of voices and perspectives — a particularly important mission given today’s polarized climate. That’s why we reach out to interesting, impactful figures from around the globe and across the political spectrum. 

    Utah Senator Mike Lee joins the ranks of OZY guest editors like Nancy Pelosi, Speaker Paul Ryan and Jeff Bridges to share the news that’s most on his mind. A lifelong defender of basic liberties, this Brigham Young University alum developed a love for the U.S. Constitution early on — by hearing his father, Solicitor General Rex Lee, argue in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. A Republican, Lee has worked as an attorney for several years and served Utah’s governor before being elected in 2010. Today, the father of three wishes fellow dads everywhere a happy Father’s Day.

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