The Presidential Daily Brief


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    ABC Cancels ‘Roseanne’ Over Racist Remark

    ”Abhorrent, repugnant.” That’s how the television network described Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet about a former adviser to Barack Obama. The actress compared Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian-born African-American, to an ape this morning before deleting the tweet and apologizing for what she claimed was “a bad joke.” In canceling the popular revival — which resonated among conservatives because Barr’s character supports President Donald Trump — ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey said the remark was “inconsistent with our values.”

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    US, North Korea Diplomatic Teams Head for Singapore

    Japanese media report that Kim Chang Son, de facto chief of staff to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, arrived in Singapore yesterday, as did a team of U.S. diplomats. That’s a major sign, according to former CIA Deputy Director John McLaughlin’s analysis for OZY, that the previously canceled June 12 summit may actually happen. President Donald Trump abruptly called off the potentially groundbreaking meeting last week, but quickly reconsidered. Meanwhile, North Korean General Kim Yong Chol is heading to New York tomorrow for further negotiations.

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    Italy’s Political Turmoil Could Have Consequences for Euro

    After the euroskeptic prime minister-elect proved unable to form a government and stepped down, Italian President Sergio Mattarella chose euro defender Carlo Cottarelli as a replacement. Now the populist 5-Star and League parties say Mattarella’s ignoring the will of voters — and any government formed by Cottarelli, should he manage it, will likely only last until September elections. Meanwhile, Italy’s economic sluggishness has made the euro itself a target, and the country’s continuing eurozone membership is likely to be a major battleground in the next campaign.

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    China Approves 13 Ivanka Trump Trademarks in 3 Months

    She’s with the brand. Even as her father’s government continues to negotiate trade policy with China, Ivanka’s expanding her business there, stoking concerns over conflicts of interest. Ivanka, a senior White House adviser, has her brand’s assets in a family-run trust but continues to reap the profits — though the president of her company insists the trademarks simply guard against copycats. Meanwhile, Chinese courts, largely thought to reflect the will of the ruling Communist Party, have given provisional approval for eight more trademarks, with another 25 pending.

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    Private Search for MH370 Ends Without Result

    While the official hunt for the missing jet ended last year, American company Ocean Infinity continued to trawl about 37,000 square miles of ocean using small submarines until today. The Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared in March 2014 with 239 people aboard. “We will always remain hopeful that one day the aircraft will be located,” said Australia’s transport minister. Ocean Infinity’s search was unpaid, but with a prospective $70 million reward from Malaysia for finding the wreckage — which could confirm or deny theories that the pilot intentionally downed the plane.

  6. Northern Ireland, Vigilante Deportation and Police Violence

    Know This: Ireland’s landmark referendum on abortion has inspired pro-choice activists in Northern Ireland to demand reform of their own laws. Two employees of a California flight school allegedly kidnapped a Chinese student on a legitimate visa and attempted to deport him themselves. And New Jersey is investigating police officers who were filmed punching a 20-year-old woman in the head before arresting her for underage drinking.

    Read This: Two candidates for mayor of San Francisco, which has a ranked voting system, are encouraging voters to vote for each other as a second choice — a joint attempt to defeat the current front-runner.

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  1. busker at piccadilly circus tube station in march 2012

    London Launches Contactless Payment System for Buskers

    Keep the change. The British capital has unveiled a new cashless payment system for the city’s street performers. The collaboration between Busk In London, a performers’ association, and Swedish payments company iZettle was launched last weekend by Mayor Sadiq Khan, and features contactless terminals passersby can simply tap to donate an amount predetermined by the performer. “Now, more Londoners will be able to show their support to the capital’s brilliant, talented street performers,” Khan said in a statement. Still, some worry it’ll leave the homeless and other disadvantaged in the lurch.

  2. shutterstock 63867571

    Billionaire Chelsea Soccer Club Owner Gets Israeli Nationality

    Roman Abramovich is now Israel’s richest citizen. The Russian-born billionaire had trouble renewing his U.K. visa when British authorities increased scrutiny of Russians after the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter on English soil in March. But Abramovich, who is Jewish, qualified for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return. He’ll be exempt from taxes on income earned abroad for 10 years — and won’t need to declare its source — as he settles down in Tel Aviv in a mansion purchased from actress Gal Gadot.

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    Great Barrier Reef Faced 5 Near-Death Moments

    To understand how the reef dealt with climate change in the past, scientists drilled into the sea bed nearby, extracting rock cores from up to 150 feet underground. They found that it’s had several close calls over the last 30,000 years, and that rising seas, jumps in sediment levels, and “meltwater pulses” from thawing glaciers caused the reef to slowly migrate. While the report shows how resilient it can be, researchers caution it means little for the reef’s fate over the coming decades as ocean temperatures are increasing faster than before.

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    The New Sounds of Sonic Sculpting

    It’s state of the art. Refined tunes are moving from the smoky club to the museum with “electronic sonic art” increasingly finding a place in fine galleries. The concept: Allow visitors to contemplate sounds as they would paintings amid the soft lights and white backdrops of an art space. Around the world, sonic installations are providing audio-rich environments to connoisseurs — or just the curious  And sound artists continue to experiment, whether with participatory audio pieces or new venues and installations to soak up those good vibes.

  5. Stephen Curry

    Warriors Beat Rockets to Face Cavs in NBA Finals

    Fourth time’s the charm. The defending champs, led by Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, defeated James Harden and the Houston Rockets 101-92 — thanks to a stunning 33-point third-quarter surge to overcome a deficit of 11 points at halftime. Now they’ll face the Cavaliers in the Finals for the fourth straight year. Oddsmakers in Las Vegas are betting heavily on Golden State: Cleveland’s been rated a +650 underdog, making it the most lopsided matchup in 16 years. The rivals take the court Thursday in Oakland.