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    President Trump Cancels Summit as North Korea Destroys Test Site

    He’s out. In a letter citing “tremendous anger and open hostility” from the North Korean side, President Donald Trump has pulled out of a summit with North Korea. Trump and officials in Pyongyang had been trading hostilities over the scheduled June 12 summit in Singapore, with Kim Jong Un threatening to cancel of it and Trump casting doubt in recent days over whether it would take place. Meanwhile, Pyongyang claimed it demolished its nuclear test site today in front of foreign journalists.

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    Judge Rules Trump Can’t Block Twitter Critics

    Claiming his Twitter feed is a public forum, a federal judge in Manhattan has decided that President Trump’s practice of blocking users who post critical tweets violates their First Amendment rights. Analysts say the ruling will have far-reaching implications for officials who use social media to interact with the public, though Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald did not issue an order forcing Trump to unblock the seven plaintiffs represented in the suit. A Justice Department spokesperson said, “We respectfully disagree with the court’s decision and are considering our next steps.”

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    Italy Picks Political Novice as Prime Minister

    He’s the new kid on the block. Yesterday, Italy’s president tapped Giuseppe Conte, a politically inexperienced academic, as the country’s next prime minister. The 53-year-old law professor, who’s pledged to “confirm Italy’s place” internationally, is now tasked with forming Western Europe’s first populist, euroskeptic government with a coalition of the anti-establishment 5-Star movement and the far-right League party. Once he’s assembled his Cabinet, Conte — who’s also facing accusations of inflating his resume — will seek presidential approval before the new government starts work next week.

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    White House Considers New Tariffs on Auto Imports

    Applying the same legal justification it used to boost steel and aluminum tariffs earlier this year, the Trump administration has ordered the Commerce Department to examine the effects of automotive imports on the U.S. economy. Citing national security, President Trump has reportedly asked for tariffs as high as 25 percent on imported vehicles and auto parts. The move comes amid heightening tensions between Washington and top trading partners like Canada, Mexico and Japan. Trump tweeted, “After many decades of losing your jobs to other countries, you have waited long enough!”

  5. MH17, Swedish Justice and Istanbul’s New Airport

    Know This: Investigators have concluded the missile that downed Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over war-torn eastern Ukraine in 2014 came from the Russian military. Sweden’s Parliament has passed a law designating all non-consensual sex as rape. And Tesla CEO Elon Musk slammed journalists in a Twitter barrage over what he said was irresponsible reporting.

    Read This: Later this year, Turkey is expected to unveil what it claims will be the world’s largest airport. But critics say it’s more of a vanity project for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan than a practical travel hub.

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    Hamburg Orders Partial Ban on Diesel Vehicles

    In a bid to improve air quality, Germany’s second-largest city is prohibiting certain diesel-powered cars and trucks from traveling on parts of two major roads. The controversial move, based on a recent landmark court ruling, targets vehicles that don’t meet the latest Euro 6 emissions standards introduced in 2014. It’s a significant step against diesel technology in a country that’s long embraced the fuel — which has also caused dozens of German cities to exceed the EU’s permitted levels of nitrogen oxides. The ban goes into effect next Thursday.

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    Cuba Confronts Troubling Sexualization of Children

    Provocative “mini-quince” parties are becoming increasingly popular with parents and preschoolers in Cuba. Mimicking the traditional coming-of-age quinceañera celebrations when a girl reaches 15, mini-quince photo shoots put 5-year-olds in heavy makeup and grown-up clothes — sometimes even striking sexy poses in lingerie. The trend has fueled a lucrative photography business, as well as debate among parents on the changing communist island. While some see mini-quinces as harmless dress-up fun, critics warn they’re contributing to an alarming sexualization of young children.

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    Catching Up on Sleep Could Extend Your Life

    Snooze, don’t lose. A new Swedish study suggests sleeping in on weekends could compensate for a sleep deficit during the week. After studying data from nearly 50,000 Swedes over 13 years, researchers concluded those who slept less than five hours a night died younger — unless they balanced their sleep deprivation with nine-hour snoozes on the weekends. But compensating with lazy Sundays still isn’t as good as full nights during the week, they note. Sleep deficits can change gene expressions, and some experts even believe they can spark thoughts of self-harm.

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    West Hollywood Celebrates ‘Stormy Daniels Day’

    The city is hers. Yesterday in front of adult boutique Chi Chi LaRue’s, Daniels was handed a key to the city by Mayor John Duran, who described her as “our own Lady Godiva.” Daniels has a significant following in West Hollywood, which has passed several resolutions opposing President Trump’s policies. “This community has a history of standing up to bullies and speaking truth to power,” noted the porn star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. She is currently suing to end a nondisclosure agreement over an alleged affair with the president in 2006.

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    NFL Seeks ‘Compromise’ With New Anthem Policy

    “We want people to stand.” So said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in announcing the league’s long-awaited decision on player protests yesterday. Team owners, who did not consult players before the vote, agreed to require athletes to stand if they’re on the field during the song, though they would be allowed to remain in the locker room instead — effectively thwarting their protest. Teams, not players, will be fined for any violations of the policy. Goodell added that it was “unfortunate” that protests by certain players made thousands of fellow athletes appear unpatriotic.