The Presidential Daily Brief


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    Three Injured, Suspected Shooter Dead at YouTube Headquarters

    A woman is suspected of opening fire at Youtube’s headquarters in San Bruno, about 13 miles outside of San Francisco, leaving three injured before apparently killing herself. There was panic among many of the employees as they either tried to flee or hide in their offices. Police swarmed the building and images from the scene depicted officers patting down people as they exited. The FBI says they are investigating the incident with local authorities but a motive is still unknown.

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    US Military to Guard Mexico Border

    After pressuring Mexico to stop a “caravan” of about 1,200 Central Americans bound for the U.S., President Donald Trump announced today the U.S. military will guard the U.S.-Mexico border. It comes amid a new order to immigration court judges from the Justice Department to alleviate a 700,000-case backlog in U.S. courts: They must hear 700 cases a year and see fewer than 15 percent sent back by higher courts. The judges’ union and immigration advocates both oppose the quotas, which are due to take effect in October.

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    US Stocks Bounce Back After Slump

    Stocks are up today after tumbling Monday on news of China’s planned $3 billion tariffs on American goods to retaliate for the White House’s taxes on Chinese steel and aluminum. Both the Dow Jones and NASDAQ climbed slightly after falling yesterday by 1.9 percent and 2.7 percent, respectively. Some big players like General Electric and Goldman Sachs have reportedly pushed back against President Donald Trump’s trade policies, fearing they’ll damage U.S. industry. Meanwhile, Amazon lost value after critical tweets by the president, and Facebook is still reeling from its user data scandal.

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    White House Floats Trump-Putin Meeting

    The Kremlin announced yesterday that President Trump invited President Vladimir Putin to Washington during a telephone call last month. Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that he extended the invitation, but added that the White House was only one of the “potential venues” for the still-unscheduled meeting. Trump made the offer during the same telephone call in which he congratulated his Russian counterpart on his recent reelection — reportedly against strict advice not to — and failed to raise the issue of Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

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    Disney Offers to Buy Sky as Fox Deal Fears Regulatory Hurdles

    Is Sky the limit? Rupert Murdoch’s media properties currently reach a third of the U.K. population, and his 21st Century Fox is now angling to buy the remaining 61 percent of Sky: It already owns the rest. But critics and regulators worry that would give Murdoch too much control. Now Disney says it could buy Sky’s news division if that will get regulators to approve the deal — perhaps a bid to speed a separate Disney-Fox deal that’s been slowed by concerns over the Sky acquisition.


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    Villanova Triumphs Over Michigan for NCAA Title

    That’s the ball game. Villanova decisively beat Michigan 79-62 to claim the men’s NCAA title and its second championship in three years. Donte DiVincenzo, who scored 31 points, was named the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player. In a season filled with upsets — including an FBI sting, players fighting with President Trump, and a series of Cinderella stories — this was one of few expected outcomes: The powerhouse Wildcats were top-seeded from the beginning. With most Villanova players eligible to return next year, some fans are already eyeing a repeat.

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    Americans Lobby for Parks Over Their Freeways

    Let’s get this show on the road. Cities that depend on 12-lane highways don’t necessarily want to look at them. As urban-dwellers fight for space, many are lobbying for highway caps or lids — massive bridges built over freeways that allow the space above to be used for other things while cars continue to zip underneath. So far most such projects have benefited wealthy neighborhoods, but some are now advocating for lids in poorer communities, aiming to reconnect historically unified areas that have been bisected by huge roads.

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    Female Prison Population Rises Around the World

    Thanks mostly to drug-related crimes, more women than ever are ending up in jail, part of an overall 20 percent increase in the global prison population from 2000 to 2015. In that 15-year span, from Ohio to Thailand, the number of women behind bars rose more than twice as quickly as the number of men. That means prison systems must do more to address women’s health needs and maternity care — like in Perth, Australia, where authorities are investigating why an indigenous woman recently had to give birth alone in her cell.

  4. Hollywood

    Saudi Prince to Visit Hollywood Royalty

    He’s going Hollywood. Heir apparent Mohammed bin Salman will be visiting the likes of Rupert Murdoch, super-agent Ari Emanuel and Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger on his tour of Tinseltown this week. Though Saudi Arabia only reversed its ban on public cinemas last year, the kingdom has pledged $10 billion for film investments in the coming decade — and Hollywood is rolling out the red carpet to get a share of Saudi cash. Meanwhile, the prince will be met by protests from Codepink over his country’s record of human rights abuses.