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  1. A Special Election, a Shark Tooth and Stormy Daniels

    Know This: A special congressional election in Pennsylvania is being closely monitored for what it might portend about this year’s midterm elections. A French singer who beat his girlfriend to death in 2003 has pulled out of a summer festival after 70,000 people signed a petition against his appearance. And the 3-inch tooth of an ancient megashark has been stolen from a national park in Australia.

    Remember This Number: $130,000. That’s the sum porn actress Stormy Daniels said she was paid to keep quiet about an alleged 2006 affair with President Trump. She’s now offering to repay the money in exchange for freedom to speak about the encounter.

    Listen Up: Meet your next great listen for your commute. OZY’s podcast, The Thread, is back. This season, we’ll travel through nearly a century of history leading up to the #MeToo movement by profiling the original silence-breakers and the men who exploited them. Listen or subscribe for free here.

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