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  1. Financial Reckoning, Saudi Releases and Holocaust Forgetfulness

    The Week Ahead: This afternoon, NFC all-stars will face their AFC counterparts in football’s Pro Bowl in Orlando. Tonight, the 60th Grammy Awards will be broadcast from Madison Square Garden in New York. And on Wednesday and Thursday, the financial world will have its ears cocked for the Federal Reserve’s expected decision to maintain interest rates as well as quarterly earnings reports from corporate giants including Facebook, Apple and Alphabet (Google).

    Know This: Saudi Arabia has released several of its billionaires, including Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the world’s richest men, from detention in Riyad’s Ritz-Carlton hotel after an 80-day corruption crackdown that ended with unspecified settlements. Israel has complained to Warsaw after Polish legislators approved a bill Friday that would criminalize statements suggesting Polish culpability in the Holocaust. And an elite climbing team has found a stranded French climber alive at 24,280 ft. on Pakistan’s Nanga Parabat, nicknamed “Killer Mountain,” where her Polish climbing partner remains missing. 

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