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  1. North Korea, a Failed Impeachment and Executive Penalties

    Know This: North Korea said that U.S. threats, combined with America’s ongoing joint military drills with South Korea, make war on the peninsula “an established fact.” Rep. Al Green brought a resolution calling for President Trump’s impeachment to the House floor that was overwhelmingly squashed — although 58 Democrats voted in support of letting the motion continue. And Oliver Schmidt, a senior Volkswagen executive and German national, was sentenced to seven years in prison by a Detroit court for his role in concealing the pollution levels of around 600,000 diesel vehicles.

    Remember This Number: 8.6. That’s how many degrees Fahrenheit a new study predicts the Earth will warm between 2081 and 2100. Though scientists say these numbers aren’t a foregone conclusion, the study used climate change simulations that had best predicted current conditions — which also happened to be the most pessimistic.

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