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    Florida Battered, Caribbean Flattened by Hurricane Irma

    It’s not done yet. While Irma calmed to a tropical storm on Monday over Florida, where it brought record flooding and left millions without power, the storm is still wreaking devastation as it pushes north into Georgia. While the U.S. mainland has seen only one confirmed death, 28 were killed in the Caribbean. The U.S. and British Virgin Islands are both still without power or water, and cruise ships have mobilized to aid evacuations. As Florida begins to assess the damage, Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado, a Republican, says he wants real discussion about climate change.

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    Myanmar Refuses Rohingya Rebel Cease-fire Offer

    Peace isn’t on the agenda. After clashes broke out last month, nearly 300,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh amid violent state crackdowns. Rohingya insurgents announced a truce over the weekend, hoping Myanmar’s forces would follow suit, but the government has refused, saying it doesn’t “negotiate with terrorists.” Meanwhile, Bangladesh’s foreign minister described violence against the Rohingya minority as genocide, and a senior U.N. representative called it “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” Bangladeshi officials say an international tribunal could potentially try Myanmar’s leaders over thousands of recent killings.

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    Norway Goes to the Polls in Nail-Biter Election

    It’s too close to call. While the country’s center-left Labor party had an early lead in polls, that’s dried up, and it’s now neck-and-neck with the ruling Conservatives as voting concludes today. If Prime Minister Erna Solberg manages to retain power and serve a second full term, it’d be a first for a right-wing administration in Norway. Smaller players, like the anti-oil exploration Greens and the anti-immigration Progress party are expected to be kingmakers as the major parties scramble for power via coalitions.

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    With Yuan Surging, China Reverses on Support Measures

    The remedy worked too well. As of today, China’s rule penalizing traders who bet against the yuan is no longer in effect, a sign that regulations to prop up the country’s currency are no longer needed. In fact, the yuan is strong enough against the crumpling dollar that authorities are worried it’s hurting exporters and thus China’s economy at large. While Beijing’s keeping a firm grip on its currency in comparison to other economies, rules curbing Chinese investment abroad, which severely curtailed foreign deals, are also set to be scrapped.

  5. A Deadly Shooting, a Racist Outburst and Miss North Dakota

    Know This: The U.N. Security Council unanimously voted to extend further sanctions on North Korea — though the package falls short of what the Trump Administration had hoped to impose. Eight people, including the gunman, were killed at a house party in Plano, Texas, after a man opened fire during an argument with a woman. Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie was heard using a racial slur while playing a video game on a live stream, then explained that he didn’t mean the N-word “in a bad way.” And Miss North Dakota was crowned Miss America last night, the first winner from her state in the pageant’s history.

    Read This: Despite much speculation about potential Russian interference in upcoming German elections, experts who prepared to head off a hacking onslaught are puzzled by its failure to materialize.

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    Hemingway’s Cats Weather Hurricane Unharmed in Key West

    No fur flew. Before Irma hit, the 10 staff members who care for the 54 polydactyl cats living in author Ernest Hemingway’s historic Key West home refused to evacuate, saying that the house had withstood hurricanes before. They turned out to be right: After the hurricane passed through yesterday, staff members reported that all humans and cats are safe, though the storm knocked out the power and water services. Now they’ll have to live off their generators and stocked food supplies until help can come.

  2. apple coshutterstock 553623685

    Apple Sees Massive Leak Just Days Before Big Reveal

    There goes the suspense. This weekend an anonymous source emailed secret information about Apple’s iOS 11 to both MacRumors and 9to5Mac, which promptly dispensed it to the public. The leak revealed the existence not just of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but a mysterious iPhone X and a set of new animated emojis. With CEO Tim Cook set to take the stage at a launch event tomorrow to announce these new developments, the company’s likely on the hunt for the leaker, suspected to be an Apple employee.

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    India’s Gurus Are Being Held Accountable

    Have faith … in judicial accountability. When spiritual leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was sentenced to 20 years in prison last month for raping two of his devotees, thousands of followers of the so-called “godman” rioted in the streets, leaving dozens dead and revealing just how much influence such gurus wield. At least six similar sexual exploitation cases have emerged in India since 2010, but experts say that’s actually a sign that serious crimes by religious leaders — allegedly common for decades — may finally be prosecuted on a consistent basis.

  4. barcelona

    Spanish Town Ponders Its Terrorism Connections

    They seemed like regular local boys. The 12 suspects who terrorized Barcelona and Cambrils last month have forced the otherwise ordinary town of Ripoll — where they all lived — to contemplate how it could have produced ISIS-linked attackers. The beer-drinking, fun-loving youngsters showed no signs of radicalism, a fact that will likely confound police as they plan more effective prevention methods. One place to start: Considering whether the group of men were radicalized together, embracing a tactic that entails behaving like secular citizens to avoid detection.

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    Nadal Earns 16th Grand Slam Victory With US Open Win

    He’s still No. 1. Before 2017, Rafael Nadal hadn’t reached a major final in more than two years. But this year he’s triumphed at both the French Open and the U.S. Open, defeating South African Kevin Anderson yesterday in straight sets 6-3, 6-3, 6-4. Skeptics note that Anderson, ranked 32nd in the world, was the lowest ranked player to reach a U.S. Open final since records began in 1973. Nadal, 31, still needs four more Grand Slam titles to beat rival Roger Federer’s 19.