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  1. German Elections, Disaster Dogs and Earth Landing

    The Week Ahead: Today conservative chancellor Angela Merkel is to debate her strongest rival, Social Democratic Party leader Martin Schulz, ahead of Germany’s Sept. 24 elections. Anticipating Tuesday’s start of a Chinese ban on its seafood, North Korea boosted exports to $50 million in July. And as Americans observe Labor Day on Monday, British McDonald’s workers will stage an unprecedented strike

    Know This: President Trump returned to Texas on Saturday, serving hot dogs to hurricane victims, loading care packages and marveling that things were “going so well.” After setting NASA’s endurance record with nine months in space, astronaut Peggy Whitson, another U.S. astronaut and a Russian cosmonaut landed safely in Kazakhstan today, returning from the International Space Station. And firefighters are battling one of Los Angeles’ largest wildfires ever, with 5,800 acres burned so far.

    Answer This: Tell us how you really feel. OZY and WGBH are bringing you a terrific new TV show, Third Rail With OZY, launching on PBS this fall! Each Wednesday, we’ll post a provocative question, focusing on topics that might make it onto the show. This week: Should North Korea and others be allowed to have nuclear weapons if the U.S. can? Go deep. Email with your thoughts or a personal story, and we might feature your answer next week.

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