The Presidential Daily Brief


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    Chelsea Clinton Curates the PDB

    America’s former first daughter is accustomed to having the president’s ear, and she’s not afraid to share her opinions on topics she cares deeply about — the devastating impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, DACA and the need for schools to champion children’s health. The Arkansas native, who now resides in the Big Apple with her husband, Marc, and their two children, serves as vice chair at the Clinton Foundation and is a board member at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Today Chelsea Clinton joins the ranks of past curators like Bill Gates, Condoleezza Rice and Von Miller to share her take on today’s must-know news.

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    Technology Saves Lives in the Face of Superstorms

    In 1900, a hurricane claimed more than 8,000 lives in Galveston, Texas, largely because residents were only warned shortly before it hit. But thanks to modern technology, Texans knew about Hurricane Harvey a week before it made landfall, and Puerto Rico declared a state of emergency two days before Irma arrived. The damage was still devastating and tragic, but having advance notice undoubtedly helped save lives. As we reckon with the changing climate, it’s important to also support the heroic efforts of meteorologists and climate scientists who are helping us better prepare for and respond to disasters.

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    Stand Up and Fight for Dreamers

    There are more ways to stand up for the causes we believe in than ever before. But with that comes a responsibility to show up — by sharing thoughts via social media, contacting officials, signing petitions and speaking with friends and family. Let’s use our collective voice to send the resounding message that DACA and the Dreamers it protects are an existential part of who we are as a nation. Dreamers are contributing members of society, and turning our backs on them would be turning our backs on our country’s defining ideals.

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    Zika Vaccine Effort Stalls, But We Must Not Abandon It

    Zika is a virus with heartbreaking effects; babies exposed to the virus in utero can be born with serious birth defects or even die. In recent months, the number of Zika cases across the country has gone down and, in turn, so has the momentum to find a vaccine. But Zika is not something we can let reside in the shadows. Government and pharmaceutical industry leaders need to regalvanize their efforts to protect us from this threat so that no one else contracts this devastating virus.

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    Schools Move Needle for Children’s Health

    From “recess is cut” to “pizza’s a vegetable,” headlines have drawn attention to the importance of healthy eating and physical activity for American pupils. Schools, in turn, have made real progress: This month, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation — co-founded by the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association — is celebrating the 323 schools to make its America’s Healthiest Schools list, and New York City public schools are offering free lunches to all students. We don’t know yet what President Donald Trump will do to support schools, but I’m hopeful we’ll continue to prioritize children’s health.

  6. Irma’s Deadly Landfall, Seismic Fear and Sloane Survivor

    Hurricane Update: Hurricane Irma has made landfall in the Florida Keys, has already caused three deaths and is now chugging northward toward the mainland. With 120 mph winds, it’s been downgraded to a Category 3 storm, nonetheless inundating South Florida, flooding some streets in Miami, where high winds toppled part of a construction crane. It’s expected to make landfall near Naples on the state’s Gulf Coast, sometime this evening, and later plow into the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, home to 3 million. 

    Still Rattled: As of this morning, there had been some 800 aftershocks since Friday’s 8.1 magnitude earthquake off of Mexico’s southern Pacific coast. The country’s strongest temblor in a century is known to have killed 90 people and has kept frightened area residents camped outside of quake-damaged buildings.

    Beat This: “I should just retire now. I told Maddie I’m never going to be able to top this.” — American tennis player Sloane Stephens, 24, who started the season with a fractured leg, was recently ranked 957th, and yesterday easily defeated her friend Madison Keys, 6-3, 6-0, to win her first Grand Slam title in the U.S. Open women’s final.


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    Why I’m a Fan of 99% Invisible

    It’s easy to go through life without questioning why things are the way they are. What I love about 99% Invisible is that it breaks you out of an almost automatic routine and gets you to become more present and to engage with the world on a deeper level. The incredible minds behind this podcast make learning obscure facts (like the purpose of a soda can’s shape, or how highway sound barriers work) a truly gratifying and enriching experience.

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    Parents of Autistic Children Are Falling Prey to False Claims

    This article highlights that “more than half of the most-shared scientific stories about autism published in the last five years promote unevidenced or disproven treatments, or purported causes.” This unfortunate and dangerous trend highlights the lack of clarity regarding autism and proves that we must do more to ensure that parents and caregivers have accurate, verifiable information and guidance relating to the health of our children.

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    Beautiful Creatures Are Hidden All Around Us

    If you look closely enough, you’ll find endless beauty and wonder in nature. National Geographic photographers captured some incredible examples of this in these photos of animals hiding in plain sight. Not only are the photos fascinating to look at, but also they offer an opportunity to teach kids how animals protect themselves. Thanks to National Geographic, we’re reminded that our surroundings are filled with important and teachable lessons, for kids and adults alike.

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    US Women Rock the Court at US Open

    As a women’s sports fan, and with a particular love for tennis, I’ve always enjoyed watching trailblazing athletes compete at the U.S. Open. This year was particularly exciting as we saw four American women — Madison Keys, Sloane Stephens, Venus Williams and CoCo Vandeweghe — compete in the semifinals for the first time in 36 years! Not only are these women exceptional athletes and competitors, but they’re also role models for young girls and boys. A special congratulations to Sloane Stephens on her inspiring win yesterday.

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    Becca Longo Wins First Female Football Scholarship

    Girls in the U.S. are far less likely than boys to achieve the recommended amounts of physical activity. By age 14, girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys. So it’s critical that we shine a spotlight on this and inspire a new generation of strong, active women, because we know that success on the playing field translates to success in the classroom and beyond. It’s one of the reasons we launched the annual campaign #GirlsAre. I can’t think of a better role model than Becca Longo, and I hope many more women will follow in her footsteps in the years to come.