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  1. Netflix’s Coup, a Nazi Salute and Olympic Disappointment

    Know This: Netflix has wooed TV phenom Shonda Rhimes away from ABC with a multi-year deal in what’s seen as a crushing blow to old media. A drunken American tourist in Germany was beaten up and “slightly injured” for giving a Nazi salute. And Australia’s deputy prime minister turns out to have dual citizenship with New Zealand — meaning he’s barred from holding public office under Australian law.

    Read This: A year after Rio’s Olympics, the city — which hoped the games would lead to modernization and increased international recognition — is left with $40 million in debt and crumbling athletic facilities.  

    Answer This: Tell us how you really feel. OZY’s next TV show, Third Rail With OZY, is launching on PBS this fall! To kick things off, we’re shelving the PC and launching debates. Each Wednesday, we’ll post a provocative question, focusing on topics that might make it onto the show. This week: Should publishing fake news be a crime? Go deep. Email with your thoughts or a personal story, and we might feature your answer next week.

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