6 Must-Haves for Healthy Skin

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Why you should care

Because everyone should save their skin.

Part of being an adult is building a skin care routine … or at least that’s what people tell me. This summer, it’s time we all commit to taking care of the largest organ in (or I guess, on) our body: our skin. Here are a couple of products to start us on our healthy skin journey.

Natural Organic Sunscreen

You may not be taking the summer vacay that you thought you would be happening right about now, but you still need to protect yourself from the sun, even if it’s just in your backyard. It doesn’t hurt that the sunscreen is also organically produced. 

Mini Electric Facial Cleanser

Use your favorite cleansing soap and lather up your skin with this electric facial cleanser to end your day. Regular cleansing keeps blemishes and pimples away! 

Citrus & Cedar Aftershave

If you’re staying home and considering getting rid of your quarantine beard, you’re certainly going to need some aftershave. This one smells wonderful and will do the trick for preventing skin irritation after the big shave. 

Vegan Lavender Spa Salts

Show your skin some love with a warm bath with spa salts! Stress and anxiety shows up very visibly on your skin, so you can use these spa salts to recreate your own spa at home. Decompress and relax in the comfort of your own bathtub.

African Black Soap

Have irritated skin? African Black Soap is a great soothing soap to reduce acne, quell skin irritation and leave you feeling perfectly clean. What could be more delightful?

Botanical Acne Mask

We all know masks are good for you, but this mask works wonders! By exfoliating dead skins cells and increasing facial blood circulation, the mask can bring back that summer glow that you may have been missing.

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