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  1. Abortive Venezuelan Military Uprising, Pence 2020 Bid Denial and Counterfeit Sleuths

    Know This: The embattled Venezuelan government has put down a small military uprising in the city of Valencia. The United Nations Security Council has unanimously passed new sanctions against North Korea over its efforts to perfect a long-range nuclear missile. And the search has been suspended for three missing U.S. Marines whose tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft crashed into the sea off Australia Saturday.

    Interpret This: Several Republicans, including Vice President Mike Pence and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, are making what appear to be exploratory campaign stops as President Trump’s future grows more uncertain. Pence denies it.

    Make What You Will of This: The Pinkerton Detective Agency became famous for protecting President Abraham Lincoln and tracking Wild West outlaws. Now it’s a leading investigator of Chinese knockoff manufacturers, who counterfeit everything from iPhones to Ford automobiles.

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