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  1. Intellectual Property, Data Security and the Great Peanut Butter Escape

    Know This: The Trump administration is reportedly considering a major trade action against China over intellectual property rules. Sweden is seeking to beef up its data security after a massive leak of private information prompted two ministers to resign. And 12 inmates who escaped an Alabama prison Sunday after tricking a guard using peanut butter have been recaptured.

    Listen to This: The Girls Connect project in Nigeria is using stories of fictionalized women, performed by professional radio actors, to get young women to call in and talk to counselors. Though it’s currently only available in the Hausa language, a monthlong test period saw 42,000 calls from young women seeking mentorship and empowerment.

    Answer This: Tell us how you really feel. OZY’s next TV show, Third Rail With OZY, is launching on PBS this fall! To kick things off, we’re shelving the PC and launching debates. Each Wednesday, we’ll post a provocative question, focusing on topics that might make it onto the show. This week: Should all Americans be entitled to healthcare? Go deep. Email with your thoughts or a personal story, and we might feature your answer next week.

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