The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. oj simpson

    O.J. Simpson Granted Parole For Robbery 

    He’s off the hook again. A Nevada parole board ruled Thursday that 70-year-old former NFL star O.J. Simpson could go free after serving nine years in prison for armed robbery. Simpson received a 33-year sentence, with possibility for parole, in 2008 for staging a botched sports memorabilia heist in Las Vegas. That conviction came on the exact day — 13 years later — that he was acquitted of murder in the slayings of his ex-wife and friend. Simpson, who took “full responsibility” for the crime, could be released as early as October 1.


  2. earthquakeshutterstock 415252909

    Two Dead as Earthquake Strikes Greek, Turkish Coasts

    It was a deadly wake-up call. A magnitude-6.7 earthquake has killed at least two and injured 200 across coastal towns in Greece and Turkey. The shallow temblor struck in the Aegean Sea at 1:31 a.m. local time, just a few miles south of the Turkish resort town of Bodrum. The two confirmed deaths were thought to have been inside a building that collapsed in the Greek tourist hot spot Kos, and authorities are warning against entering potentially damaged buildings until the danger of aftershocks has passed.

  3. donald trump shutterstock 318051176

    Trump Orders Senate to Find Solution on Health Care

    Failure is not an option. Though President Donald Trump’s initial response to Senate Republicans’ failure to garner adequate support for their Affordable Care Act replacement was “let Obamacare fail,” he later reversed course and insisted they had to keep their promise to repeal the legislation. But a closed-door meeting of GOP senators Wednesday night led to no major advances, with both conservatives and moderates still uncomfortable with portions of the revised legislation. If Obamacare is repealed without replacement, an estimated 32 million are expected to lose their insurance.

  4. gavel court judge decision shutterstock 186812807

    Chile Poised to Legalize Abortion in Limited Circumstances

    The current policy: Just say no. Chile is one of just a few countries around the world where abortion is illegal in every case. But yesterday, after 17 hours of debate, the country’s senate passed legislation that would allow women to terminate pregnancies in cases of rape, deadly birth defects or danger to the mother’s life. The lower legislative chamber is expected to vote on the measure today. If it passes, it’ll go to President Michelle Bachelet, Chile’s first female leader and a trained pediatrician, for her signature.

  5. kushnershutterstock 181657010

    Deutsche Bank Under Scrutiny in Russia Investigation

    Follow the money. Deutsche Bank is known for doing business with President Trump, and regulators are reportedly reviewing hundreds of millions in loans to Trump’s businesses. But they’re expected to come under even more oversight as the bank, which recently paid $600 million in fines for facilitating Russian money laundering, will likely be asked to provide information to the investigation into Trump’s Russian connections during the 2016 campaign. Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort will testify before the Senate next week about alleged Russian meddling in the election.

  6. The Laptop Ban, a Parrot Witness and Medieval History

    Know This: The U.S. has ended its ban on in-cabin laptops on flights from 10 airports in the Middle East and North Africa. A Michigan woman has been found guilty of her husband’s murder after their pet parrot repeated “don’t shoot!” after reportedly witnessing the crime. And President Trump says that if he’d known Jeff Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia investigation, he wouldn’t have chosen him as attorney general.

    Read This: Love for Game of Thrones is changing the way people study — and teach — medieval history, with courses and scholarly anthologies feeding interest in the subject even as degrees in the humanities are on the decline.

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  1. fisher body plant 21

    Newton, Iowa, Could Be the Future of Small Towns

    There’s hope on the horizon. The town of 15,000 once thrived around Maytag’s headquarters. So when the plant shuttered in 2007, it was a blow — one that saw Newton called the most “broken” town in the country on 60 Minutes. But Maytag’s departure also left vital infrastructure — and an able workforce — in place to eventually attract other companies to the city, which has seen unemployment drop from 9.9 percent in 2009 to 3.5 percent. Full recovery is still far off, but Newton proves there’s life after manufacturing.

  2. bitcoinshutterstock 620472485

    How Blockchains Could Upend Wall Street

    It’s sparking a chain reaction. A new system called blockchain is threatening to change how transactions are made in finance — and potentially everywhere else. By working with open and shared information via a “distributed ledger,” blockchain allows transactions without middlemen. Exchanges can be recorded, verified, and completed almost instantaneously — by anyone. Early adopters have seen cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin thrive, but on Wall Street, old stalwarts like Wells Fargo and HSBC are pre-emptively seeking ways to turn this disruptive tech to their own advantage.

  3. sea level

    Scientists Had the Wrong Sea Level Data for Years

    It was a glitch of global proportions. Scientists had long wondered why satellite data showed sea levels weren’t budging, even as temperatures rose and ice sheets melted. They’ve finally found the problem: an incorrectly calibrated sensor in a spacecraft that had been collecting altimetry data since 1992. Newly corrected data shows the real story. Sea levels are, in fact, rising — at faster rates each year. While researchers may be relieved to have pinpointed the error, the numbers look bad: Waters could rise another 30 inches over the next century.

  4. cheddar cheese shutterstock 538505383

    Prize-Winning Cheddar Snatched in Cheese Show Heist

    And is the owner ever cheesed off. After eleven large blocks of aged cheddar were stolen from Britain’s prestigious Yeovil Show, Rich Clothier of Wyke Farms, which took the top prize, is offering a $651 reward for the return of his cheese or the arrest of the burglars. The 45-pound blocks of cheese took 18 months to make and Clothier, who compared the thefts to someone stealing a work of art, estimates they’re worth about $1000. Somerset police are investigating, but the dairy bandit is still at large.

  5. usasoccershutterstock 443343220

    US Men Advance to Gold Cup Soccer Semifinals

    There was no salvation for El Salvador. The U.S. men’s national soccer team has marched into the semifinals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, overpowering El Salvador Wednesday with a comfortable 2-0 win in Philadelphia. First-half goals from defenders Omar Gonzalez and Eric Lichaj were enough for victory as a tight second half played out without a goal, and new coach Bruce Arena remains undefeated. The U.S. will now face Costa Rica Saturday for a place in the final, setting its sights on a sixth Gold Cup trophy.