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  1. Georgia’s Big Decision, Paris Attack and Muslim Girl’s ‘Road Rage’ Murder

    Know This: In the most expensive House race ever and a contest seen as a test of GOP strength, voters in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District will cast ballots today to fill Tom Price’s former seat. An attacker who rammed a police vehicle and fatally shot a policeman in Paris yesterday carried a Kalashnikov, handguns and gas canisters. And NASA’s Kepler telescope has discovered 219 new exoplanets, including 10 Earth-like worlds.

    Quote This: “This murder is yet another wake-up call in the chain of events of Muslim women viciously attacked in hate crimes across the country.” So said the Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment of the baseball bat murder of a 17-year-old Muslim girl that local Virginia authorities are attributing to “road rage.”

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