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  1. san bernardino

    Three Dead in Shooting at California Elementary School

    Authorities say two adults and one student have been killed at San Bernardino’s North Park Elementary after a gunman, identified as Cedric Anderson, fatally shot his estranged wife while she was leading a special needs class. He then turned the gun on himself. One student, 8, died after being caught in the crossfire and another was wounded but is now in stable condition. The school’s 500 students were immediately evacuated. San Bernardino has seen an uptick in violence recently, with 2016 the deadliest year since 1995.

  2. Rex Tillerson Flickr

    Assad Allies Close Ranks as US Criticizes Russian ‘Failure’

    Them’s fightin’ words. After the U.S. launched missiles at a Syrian air base over a suspected chemical weapons attack by Bashar Assad’s government, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson slammed Russia for not making sure Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons had been completely destroyed. As Tillerson prepares for a visit to Moscow tomorrow, he’s still expected to make defeating ISIS the top priority in Syria. Meanwhile, Assad allies Russia and Iran have said that America’s attack crossed “red lines” and any more aggression will be met with retaliation.

  3. sisishutterstock 284172095

    State of Emergency Declared in Egypt After ISIS Attack

    To some, nothing is sacred. ISIS, which has targeted Egypt’s Coptic Christians before, claimed responsibility for two attacks on Coptic churches on Palm Sunday that killed 44 people. Coptic Christians make up about a tenth of Egypt’s population — and they largely have supported President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who promised to keep them safe. Now Sisi’s sent troops fanning out across the country and has declared a three-month state of emergency that’ll allow warrantless arrests and home searches as Egypt prepares for a planned visit by Pope Francis.

  4. kashmirshutterstock 450560242

    Eight Dead After Police Fire on Protesters in Kashmir

    It was meant to be a simple special election. Eight civilians were killed and another two dozen injured Sunday when violence broke out during voting in Indian-administered Kashmir. Separatist factions had called for a boycott of the election to fill the seat of a member of Parliament who resigned as a statement against India’s regional agenda. Turnout was at record lows, only 7 percent, but demonstrators still turned out to protest Indian rule of the disputed region — and more are expected at a second state special election Wednesday.

  5. barclays bank shutterstock 457312570

    Barclays CEO Reprimanded for Trying to ID Whistleblower

    They say it was an honest mistake. Barclays CEO Jes Staley has been disciplined over his conduct during a whistleblowing incident last year: Board members received an anonymous letter questioning Staley’s conduct while recruiting an employee, and Staley set about unsuccessfully trying to identify the writer. The company says he believed — wrongly — that his investigation was allowed. While Barclays says Staley will see his compensation cut, he’s not getting fired: The bank says it’ll support his continued leadership at their annual meeting next month.

  6. China Caves, Le Pen Stumbles and the Napkin Plan

    Know This: Dylann Roof has pleaded guilty to murder charges in state court, preventing another trial in the massacre for which he’s already been sentenced to death. Neil Gorsuch was sworn in to the Supreme Court today, with the President saying he’ll be a “truly great” judge. China’s reportedly preparing to lift investment ceilings and a ban on U.S. beef in order to avert a trade war threatened by President Donald Trump. French Jewish organizations have condemned far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen, who says the French can’t be held responsible for the round-up and deportation of 13,000 Paris Jews during WWII. And White House aide Sebastian Gorka has reportedly drawn up a plan to divide Libya into three pieces — illustrated on a napkin.

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  1. pulitzer prize shutterstock 231244522

    New York Daily News, ProPublica, Washington Post Win Pulitzer Prizes

    It’s party time in the fourth estate. As the most prestigious awards in journalism are handed out, there are plenty to go around: The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold won the national reporting prize for his investigative work on President Trump’s charitable donations, while the New York Daily News and ProPublica shared the public service journalism prize. The New York Times took home three awards, after mistakenly announcing a live chat with their 2017 winners hours before the awards were dispensed. Meanwhile, Colson Whitehead won the prize in literature for The Underground Railroad.

  2. World Cup trophy shutterstock 204784030

    US, Mexico and Canada to Bid for 2026 World Cup Together

    They’re all “Americans,” right? With the World Cup set to expand to 48 teams in 2026, the U.S., Mexico and Canada are hoping to jointly host that year’s tournament: 60 games in the U.S. and 10 each in Mexico and Canada. Though the host selection wasn’t expected until 2020, soccer’s regional governing body is now expected to push for a decision sooner, one that would bypass the traditional bidding process. Though FIFA’s being extra careful about the appearance of corruption, insiders say challengers are few.

  3. reefshutterstock 358055927

    The Great Barrier Reef Is Dying Fast

    Wave goodbye to an entire ecosystem. Scientists are sounding the alarm after confirming more deadly coral bleaching is affecting some 900 miles of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. With warmer waters continuing to wash over the largest living structure on Earth, the reef’s coral might never recover. Some experts believe that last year’s conditions were exacerbated by the massive El Niño — which could return this year — but with this year looking just as bad, they’re desperately urging climate action, saying the window of opportunity to save a global treasure is closing.

  4. parkshutterstock 277732901

    What Now for Foreign Student-Workers?

    Their backs are against the wall. Under the banner of “America First,” President Trump called the J-1 foreign student summer work program a raw deal for American workers, worrying hundreds of J-1 reliant businesses. Despite rhetoric to the contrary, businesses and other advocates claim U.S. students aren’t clamoring for vacation-related work. The initiative has managed to avoid budget cuts thus far, but businesses like Wisconsin Dells Waterpark — with some 4,000 J-1 student-workers on its seasonal workforce — say that if it goes, they’re in for “a world of hurt.”

  5. shutterstock 265834034 gray hair

    Hair Color Linked to Heart Disease in Men

    Something’s up with this coif. Graying hair on men, an Egyptian cardiologist warns, appears linked to increased risk for coronary artery disease. A study of 545 men, whose hair was graded on a 5-point scale indicating how gray or white it was, checked heart health with coronary angiography. Researchers found that subjects half-gray or more were likely to be at greater risk of heart disease, regardless of age. The Cairo University team says more research could confirm the link — and assess similar risks in women.

  6. fox newsshutterstock 231241870

    Fox Confirms Bill O’Reilly Harassment Probe

    “This is not blowing over.” So says a lawyer for Fox News contributor Wendy Walsh, who says host Bill O’Reilly promised her client work — until she rejected his sexual advances. Now Fox says it’s investigating what may be a history of harassment claims after news broke that $13 million was paid to five women who said O’Reilly behaved inappropriately to them, and advertisers fled his show in droves. O’Reilly says there have been no HR claims against him, but Walsh’s lawyer says her client’s complaint prompted Fox’s ongoing probe.

  7. garciashutterstock 425930086

    Garcia Claims Masters Victory

    It’s a new trick for this old dog. After 18 years of slip-ups, heartbreak and collapse, beloved but maddening golfer Sergio Garcia, 37, has claimed his first major title at the 2017 Masters. With a record-breaking 22 top-10 majors finishes before Sunday’s victory at Augusta National, Garcia was also the first to play 70 majors before winning. Now, after a final-round duel with long-time Ryder Cup teammate Justin Rose won him the fabled Green Jacket, Garcia can clear that title for a new one: Masters Champion.