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  1. Iraqis ‘Have Taken Ancient Nimrud’ From ISIS, Rocking the Bloc and How Powerful Men Are Getting Off

    Know This: Iraqi forces say they have captured the ancient city of Nimrud from ISIS, which destroyed ancient structures there. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has announced a “broader, deeper peace” with FARC rebels than the one voters rejected in October. And Sting helped reopen the Bataclan Theater a year after 90 people were killed there during coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130.

    Listen to This: Kremlin watchers Mark Galeotti and Natalia Churikova examine U.S. election’s impact on the former Soviet bloc for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in a new podcast,  Brave New World.

    Let this Grab You: One takeaway from the campaign has been a reckoning on how powerful men like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are allowed to treat women: “Even after this election-year parade of horribles, even after all our sober public pronouncements about sexual assault, it isn’t clear that anyone knows how to talk about it.”

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