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  1. Dow Closes at Record High, Seattle Shooting, Gloria Steinem’s Advice and Nate Silver’s Numbers

    Know This: Thursday’s Dow rose 218 points, closing at record high. Arizona’s 11 electoral votes were finally called for Donald Trump padding his victory margin, but New Hampshire and Michigan remain too close to call. Five people were shot and wounded in downtown Seattle, near anti-Trump protests but apparently unrelated. Democrats added a second Senate seat in New Hampshire’s hard-fought race. And leaders from around the world say they’ll push ahead without the United States if Trump, as he’s threatened, refuses to participate in the Paris Climate Agreement.

    Fighting Words: ”We know from family violence — the paradigm of all violence that isn’t in self-defense — that the most dangerous time is the moment just before or just after escape.” Feminist icon Gloria Steinem compares American sexism and racism to domestic violence, asserting, “We will never go back to the old hierarchy.”

    Remember This Number: 1 to 2 percentage points. That’s the margin by which Hillary Clinton’s expected to have won the popular vote in Tuesday’s election, statistician Nate Silver says, reminding us that the country is still bitterly — and nearly evenly — ideologically divided.

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