The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. mosul map shutterstock 412571644

    ISIS Leader Urges Fight to the Death on New Tape

    “Do not retreat.” That’s the message for Mosul-based militants on a new 31-minute audio clip purportedly from ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who hasn’t been heard from in months. The recording, which hasn’t been independently verified as being Baghdadi’s voice, predicted victory for ISIS. It also urged a fight to the death in Mosul, the group’s last major stronghold in Iraq, where government forces have launched an all-out assault on ISIS — one that may include torturing suspected militants, according to Amnesty International.

  2. Obama

    Obama Knocks FBI Over Clinton Case as Race Tightens

    He had to say something, but couldn’t say much. After vague, last-minute disclosures released by the FBI threatened Hillary Clinton’s lead in the presidential race, President Barack Obama slammed “innuendo” and “leaks” — without criticizing FBI Director James Comey by name — for the late-October surprise. Further leaks yesterday showed internal FBI disagreement about pursuing a corruption investigation against the Clinton Foundation. With just days to go, new polls show the Democrat holding leads over Donald Trump in her “firewall” states — but those leads are shrinking.

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    Sterling Shoots Up as UK PM Loses Brexit Challenge

    It’s a big day for Britain’s finances. While Prime Minister Theresa May had claimed the right to initiate Brexit without input from lawmakers, a judge ruled this morning that she’ll have to seek Parliament’s approval before going ahead with a divorce from the European Union. The development sent the pound leaping at the prospect of possibly averting a “hard Brexit,” dreaded by Britain’s financial center. Meanwhile, the Bank of England convenes today to release policy decisions and monetary forecasts. It’s expected to stand put on interest rate cuts.

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    Suspect in Custody After Iowa Police Shootings

    They didn’t even have time to draw their guns. Authorities say Scott Michael Greene, 46, has turned himself in after rookie Officer Justin Martin and Sergeant Anthony Beminio were shot in “ambush” attacks overnight Tuesday around Des Moines, Iowa. While Greene had previous run-ins with police, including being thrown out of a high school football game for causing a disturbance with a Confederate flag, investigators didn’t specify a motive. Now officials are searching for the murder weapons as America grapples with the latest in a spree of police shootings.

  5. Migrant Shipwrecks Claim ‘Hundreds,’ The Dakota Pipeline, Eating in the Jungle and OZY Election Predictions

    Know This: Two shipwrecks off Libya’s coast are believed to have killed more than 239 migrants. President Obama indicates the much-protested Dakota Access Pipeline could be rerouted. Why light bulbs are an easy target for hackers. And an anonymous woman accusing Donald Trump of raping her when she was 13 has backed out of a press conference at the last minute, citing death threats.

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  1. Woman black lingerie leather whip shutterstock 381393499

    Kinky Cafes Bring Domination, Espresso Together

    Would you like whipped cream with that? Dominatrix-themed coffee shops are popping up from San Francisco (Wicked Grounds) to Minneapolis (Leather and Latte), as more relaxed places to explore kink — or just sip cappuccino in a chair with arm restraints. The trend shows people becoming more open to expressing unusual sexual desires in the era of 50 Shades of Grey. And for entrepreneurs, there’s a spanking new market: 23 percent of 18- to 30-year-olds participate in BDSM, and another 35 percent want to try it out.

  2. Pope francis

    Pope Francis Douses Hopes for Female Priesthood

    It’s no go. Despite signals that today’s Catholic Church is becoming more progressive, Pope Francis says it’s very unlikely women will ever become priests. When pressed on the issue, he cited Pope John Paul II’s verdict that women couldn’t be ordained because Jesus only had male disciples. Francis’ decision is tempered by the fact that he established a commission earlier this year to discuss the possibility of women becoming deacons. But with only 6 percent of American Catholics keen on the idea, women may not see the priesthood any time soon.

  3. Amelia earhart

    Amelia Earhart Hunters Trumpet New Evidence

    Or is this just another conspiracy theory? The aviation pioneer’s 1937 disappearance has sparked curiosity for decades — but the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery believes new analysis of a skeleton found on a deserted island indicates it’s the famous female pilot. It’s long been thought that Earhart’s plane went down in the Pacific Ocean during her attempt at circumnavigating the globe. But the measurements of this skeleton, once dismissed as a man’s and now lost, could support the theory that she lived as a castaway on the island.

  4. beyonce in new york wikimedia commons

    Beyoncé Stuns the Stage at CMAs; Garth Brooks Takes Top Honor

    World domination continues. Beyoncé surprised viewers by performing “Daddy Lessons” with the Dixie Chicks during last night’s 50th annual Country Music Awards. She delivered a typically dynamic show, even as country fans and the Beyhive clashed on social media about the pop queen’s presence there. But entertainer of the year went to an old favorite — Brooks, who only returned to the country scene in 2014. Carrie Underwood and Chris Stapleton were vocalists of the year, while Eric Church won album of the year.